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In my spare time, I like to stand by the window alone and enjoy the first ray of sunshine in the morning! Quiet and undisturbed

in my spare time, I like to stand by the window alone and enjoy the first ray of sunshine in the morning! Quiet and undisturbed

home should be comfortable and at ease, but now many houses can't avoid the problem of noise. At the beginning, we will feel that tolerance is over, but the long-term past noise affects not only mood, but also irresponsible to the body. Don't take the problem of noise seriously! The sound insulation performance of doors and windows often determines whether the living environment is quiet or not

at present, there are many kinds of aluminum alloy doors and windows on the market, which are uneven. In fact, most consumers are not familiar with doors and windows. They can't see the various performance of doors and windows from the appearance. They often consider the appearance of doors and windows more when buying, and don't carefully consider the performance of doors and windows, which will bring many problems to the subsequent use of doors and windows

soundproof doors and windows are very different from ordinary doors and windows. Soundproof doors and windows have high requirements in terms of design, research and development, material selection and technology. Compared with the messy patchwork of ordinary doors and windows, the shape and size of each cavity of sound proof doors and windows and even aluminum materials should be carefully considered. In terms of material selection, it is more necessary to select materials that have been tested for many times

secondly, when purchasing sound insulation doors and windows, we should understand the materials they use. High quality sound insulation doors and windows generally use hollow glass, and the glass is specially provided by high-quality glass enterprises, which has passed the national quality certification. Secondly, in terms of aluminum, the profile of sound insulation doors and windows must bear the glass with concentrated weight and also have the effect of seismic and sound insulation. The thickness of the profile must meet or even exceed the national standard

when purchasing sound proof doors and windows, we should first consider the brand of doors and windows, because door and window enterprises that do not pay attention to brands, especially ordinary doors and windows without a rigorous processing technology, often have difficulty in ensuring the quality of doors and windows installed in users' homes every time. And choosing Pi's doors and windows can bring security and stability to your home! PI's doors and windows prevent noise and protect your home

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