Ten Feng Shui taboos in study decoration

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As the saying goes, it is never too old to learn, and the study meets the needs of human beings to continue to learn, and provides a learning paradise for those who love learning. As a holy land of knowledge, the study also needs to pay attention to the decoration. Next, our Wuhan home decoration network editor will specifically explain the feng shui knowledge of study decoration

1. The room should be small and elegant, and avoid being large and inappropriate. Avoid setting the study large and empty due to the spacious home

2. The height of the bookcase should not be too high-pressure bed, which is easy to lead to physical weakness. If the bookcase is too high, it is easy to produce a feeling of depression, destroy the fleeting fortune, and affect career promotion. Bookcase also cannot oppress desk, cause easily uneasy, overworked dizziness

3. The light in the study should not be too strong, which is easy to cause fatigue. Of course, it should not be too weak, which will affect the study and work at night or in rainy days with insufficient sunshine

4. There should not be too many electrical appliances in the study, which can easily lead to headache, affect the owner's mental state, and thus affect career luck

5. Don't paste idols on the wall of the study, which is easy to produce insanity, nightmares and suspicious diseases

6. The bookcase should be placed close to the desk for easy access to books. In addition to books, the bookcase can also leave some space for handicrafts and small potted plants to activate the atmosphere and alleviate fatigue

7. The seat with backrest should be selected as far as possible in the study. In this way, it has a sense of security and is not easy to be disturbed. There is support behind it, which also means that it is easy to be supported by noble people

8. When placing the computer in Feng Shui, pay attention not to let the sun shine directly on the computer, otherwise it is easy to attract the right and wrong of a gentleman. But at the same time, try not to put it in a wet and dark place, but in a place where the relative air can flow normally, otherwise it will cause you to react slowly and sluggishly to the outside world, or there will be an environment with unclear ideas, so try not to let too many sundries around. Therefore, the computer should be placed in a well ventilated manner and avoid direct sunlight, so that the business can prosper

there are many styles of study decoration, and each style represents everyone's personality, so it will get twice the result with half the effort to decide the style type to be decorated according to the study decoration effect drawing. I believe that through the above introduction of Xiaobian, everyone can create a study suitable for themselves. In addition, if you are preparing the decoration of your home, but you haven't found a decoration company yet, you can log in to our Wuhan home decoration website to publish the decoration bidding information. We have professional designers to measure your room for free and make quotations. Now you can sign up for three sets of free decoration schemes to choose from. In addition, Wuhan home decoration website now offers free house inspection experience budget treasure activities to ensure the implementation of the quality of each decoration link, Many plans resist the trap of the decoration company deliberately omitting items and quantities, and constantly increasing items and increments during construction, and raising prices in disguised form. Wuhan Decoration quotation, Wuhan decoration budget use budget treasure, learn more details: www.whjzw net/zb/zxbj. html




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