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The wood brushed with wood wax oil is not afraid of water and oil, and its wear resistance is better than polyester paint, nitro paint and other chemical paints. Moreover, camphor wood originally has a very beautiful natural pattern, which can be highlighted by wood wax oil

Product Name: high hard wood wax oil

product color: transparent (tintable)

product gloss: semi matte

product specification: 1l/2.5l

product purpose: coating and maintenance of wood products

detection standard: in line with gb18581-2009 detection standard

product raw material: natural vegetable oil and wax (soybean oil, sunflower seed oil, flaxseed oil, castor oil, Thistle oil, palm wax, beeswax) are used as raw materials, Environmental protection and health

product features: cherisi high hard wood wax oil has ultra-high hardness and friction resistance. Environmental protection, low odor. High wax fat content, time-saving and labor-saving, good hand feel. It can be used outdoors for up to 5 years

product function: waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, anti fouling, anti ultraviolet

applicable fields: cherisi high hard brand wood wax oil is suitable for indoor floors, stairs, wooden tables and chairs, wooden doors, wooden beds, cabinets, wardrobes, drawers, wallboards, toys, handicrafts and other wooden furniture. Outdoor wooden houses, antiseptic wood, garden floors, garden furniture, wooden pavilions, wooden fences, wooden bridges, wooden plank roads, wood carvings, wooden flower boxes, wooden flower racks, wooden fences and other wood products

theoretical coating rate: about 25 square meters per liter of cotton cloth; The first brush can be applied with 12-15 square meters per liter, and the second brush can be applied with 15-20 square meters per liter

usage: cherisi high hard wood wax oil must be processed at a temperature above 8 ℃. Mix well before use, polish the wood with 180 mesh or 240 mesh sandpaper, and clean it. First coating: evenly and thinly apply a layer of cut Ruixi wood wax oil along the direction of wood texture with cotton cloth to make the surface smooth and flat without excess grease; Second coating: after it is dry, polish it with polishing cotton or sandpaper with more than 600 meshes, and then directly apply the second layer, and then keep it ventilated and dry naturally. If you need to color, please choose the special color paste for cherisie

drying time: About 0.5-1 hours of surface drying and about 4-6 hours of solid drying under 20 ℃ medium air humidity. The actual drying time will change due to the difference of temperature, humidity and wood hardness, and the recoating time will also change accordingly

storage method: sealed, stored at 5 ℃ -40 ℃ at normal temperature, avoiding direct sunlight and freezing

precautions: 1. Wax oil shall not be mixed with other paints or coatings

2. Before coating, polish the surface to be smooth, clean and free of dust

3. Wood wax oil should not be painted 24 hours before and after rain for outdoor construction

4. It is easy to control the surface effect of furniture wood products with cotton cloth

5. The standard of wood is absorption saturation and no excess oil on the surface

6. Pay attention to the storage of products

detailed introduction: cherisi high hard wood wax oil came into the market in 2011 and has excellent wear resistance, water resistance and other aspects. It is a classic type of hard wax oil. This product is good for indoor and outdoor use, and is mostly used for furniture, floors and other finishes that require high wear resistance. It has excellent weather resistance for outdoor use, and its durability can reach about 3-5 times that of ordinary wood oil

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