Explanation of decoration construction terms VII

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Explanation of decoration construction terms (VII)

★★ a group (paint): "group" refers to the quantity of wood paint. Wall paint (latex paint) generally does not say "group" but directly says "barrel". Because to paint wood, in addition to the paint itself, curing agent and diluent are also needed. A group of finishes/primers is a barrel of finishes/primers with a corresponding amount of curing agent and diluent

★★ polyester paint (PU): the main paint for water mixed furniture. A thick paint made of polyester resin as the main film-forming material. The film of polyester paint is plump, thick and hard. Polyester paint also has a variety of varnish, called polyester varnish. Polyester paint needs to be cured during construction, and the amount of these curing agents accounts for one third of the total amount of paint. These curing agents are also called hardeners, and their main component is TDI (toluene diisocyanate). These TDI in free state will turn yellow, which will not only turn the furniture paint yellow, but also turn the adjacent wall yellow, which is a major disadvantage of polyester paint. At present, yellowing resistant polyester paint has appeared in the market, but it can only be made "yellowing resistant", and it can not completely prevent yellowing. In addition, free TDI beyond the standard will also cause harm to human body. The harm of free TDI to human body is mainly sensitization and stimulation. The international limit standard for free TDI is controlled below 0.5%

★★ polyurethane paint: polyurethane paint. Its paint film is strong and tough, with full gloss, strong adhesion, water resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in high-grade wood furniture and metal surfaces. Its disadvantages mainly include foaming in case of moisture and Chalking of paint film. Like polyester paint, it also has the problem of yellowing

★★ nitro varnish (NC): also known as varnish, it is the main paint used to make clear water furniture. Base varnish is a kind of transparent paint made of nitrocellulose, alkyd resin, plasticizer and organic solvent. It is a volatile paint, which has the characteristics of fast drying and soft gloss. Nitrocellulose varnish is divided into bright, semi matte and matte, which can be selected according to needs. Nitrocellulose paint also has its disadvantages: it is easy to whiten in high wet weather, low fullness and low hardness. The main auxiliary agent of nitrocellulose paint: A. Tianna water. It is a colorless transparent liquid with banana smell, which is mixed with esters, alcohols, benzene, ketones and other organic solvents. It mainly plays the role of mixing nitrocellulose paint and curing. b. Whitening water, also known as anti whitening water, is called ethylene glycol monobutyl ether. During construction in wet weather, the paint film will turn white, which can be eliminated by appropriately adding 10~15% diluted nitro magnetized white water.

★★ hand sweeping paint: it belongs to a kind of nitrocellulose varnish, which is a non transparent paint made of nitrocellulose, various synthetic resins, pigments and organic solvents. This paint is specially prepared for manual construction and has fast drying characteristics





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