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Decoration is a university course. In the process of decoration, the most afraid thing is to encounter Jerry built materials. Let's talk about stealing work today. A job is a day's work for a worker. How much is it? According to the current market situation, the average price is 300 yuan. A lot. For this reason, today I will teach you how to find stealing from details. 1. Wall paint. Grass roots treatment is the easiest step to steal work. Before painting emulsion paint, the base treatment of the wall must be done well. Two times of putty is only done once, which saves 3-4 workers. The consequence of this is that the wall surface is uneven at first, and there is color difference after the emulsion paint is painted, and then the emulsion paint changes color, cracks and even peels off at last. At the same time, emulsion paint is the most common wall decoration material at present. Generally, emulsion paint needs to be painted more than twice before it is qualified. If the workers do not apply primer during construction and apply it less, there will be two more workers. 2. Cleaning. In the process of decoration, in order not to clean and take out garbage downstairs, some workers will directly pour concrete fragments containing cement and sand into the sewer, which will cause the sewer to be blocked. It's annoying to wait for later maintenance. 0.5 workers can be saved here. 3. Joint decoration. It is very important to deal with the joints. We must supervise the workers to carefully construct the joints of the ceiling and the joints of the joints of various materials. If it is not handled, another 2-3 workers will be saved. 4. Finished product protection. For example, painting, if the cabinet is not protected, workers can save 1-2 workers. Adding a large amount of thinner to the paint can save 1 group of paint. Hundreds more. The consequence is that the cabinet, floor tiles and hinges are full of paint spots. Wipe them by yourself. The key is that there is no paint film. In general, the error between finished product protection and non protection is 1-2 hours. 5. Tiling. For example, the pre laying before laying bricks, the wall tiles and floor tiles in the bathroom, the correct installation of floor drains, and so on. Save these, at least two workers. 6. Paint. One less coat of paint can save one worker. One worker can carefully polish and casually polish the error, and one worker can deal with the details. 7. Water and electricity. The error between the normal walking method and the general walking method is 1-2 hours. For example, the time difference between the roof walking and the floor walking of the toilet waterway is at least 2 hours. 8. Waterproof. This stealthy work is in the cleaning of the ground and the brushing times, with an error of 0.5 days

calculate 20 workers, 6000 yuan. Now you know why some guerrilla and decoration companies can offer ridiculously low prices, and why some companies are more expensive than you are looking for. Of course, there are other places where workers are stolen. I won't go into detail. Let's calculate and see how many workers your family has been stolen





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