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Advertising as an important part of the implementation of door and window franchise companies, this method is not only deeply loved by the company, but also attracted a large number of consumers to purchase goods. However, the most stringent "advertising law" implemented on September 1 contains some of the strictest rules for advertising, which is an endless challenge for door and window franchise companies that take advertising promotion as the primary form of publicity. Companies need to be more careful when selecting advertising terms. In this case, how should the door and window franchise company advertise? Let's have a look with the window editor of guanhaomen

first, advertising should not be vain

it is well known that today's advertising promotion is suspected of exaggerated, and extreme words have been pasted on all brands. In order to fully attract the attention of consumers, some companies have to exaggerate their brand value by this self praise method, which has indeed brought good benefits to the company

however, the new advertising law clearly prohibits the presentation of such extreme words, which I believe will make some company advertisements face a reshuffle. The era of self flattery has passed, and the exaggerated and praising advertisements of brands based on themselves will be restricted and punished. In the future, brand doors and windows must face consumers with real advertisements, approach consumers with the most sincere heart, and make commodities and brands conform to each other, so as to be more trusted and expected by consumers

Second, honesty is the foundation

there is a serious disadvantage in the implementation of advertising, which is the frequent occurrence of false advertisements in the publicity process. In this era of replacement and integration of new and old media, it is becoming more and more difficult for a brand to obtain the recognition of consumers. If false advertisements are increasingly prosperous and the advertising environment becomes worse and worse, the environment for a brand to obtain trust will naturally become worse. But now the new advertising law will make false advertisements nowhere to hide. If door and window brands want to escape the vortex of false advertising, they must do the most sincere advertising in strict accordance with the rules of the new advertising law

third, innovation is the best

at any time, advertising cannot be carried out without new ideas. As long as you have new ideas, you can attract the attention of consumers, and weak advertisements can only attract "coquettish". The curtain of the new era is now open. It is not that advertising is suppressed, but that advertising demand is increased. When applying advertising, franchise companies of doors and windows should pay attention to using new ideas, new perspectives and new ideas

in any case, this is a new era of advertising. Advertising is no longer simple and straightforward, but uses creativity and truth to move consumers. In this way, the door and window franchise company can get more consumers' love and have a good development prospect





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