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Analysis and forecast of China's PVC market

the sales of enterprises generally slowed down last week. From the perspective of middlemen, sales in various regions also tend to slow down. Shanghai Petrochemical and Yanshan Petrochemical returned to normal, which affected the increase of the secondary load of Shanghai chlor alkali and Beijing chemical. The maintenance of Tianjin Lianhua chemical was delayed, which affected the maintenance of Dagu chemical to be postponed to September/October. The shutdown maintenance of Jinhua Chemical was resumed. At present, the operation is normal. In August, all shutdown devices were fully restored, and the domestic output was further increased, which is estimated to reach 300000 tons. At the same time, there were many imports to the shore in August, and the amount of social resources increased in August, Although there is no inventory pressure on PVC manufacturers recently, the situation will change after August 20. The ex factory quotation of PVC is concentrated in yuan/ton, the quotation of most brands is reduced by yuan/ton, and the regional batch price is yuan/ton. The PVC market continued to stabilize this week. At present, the market quotation is concentrated in yuan. The quotation of Shanghai chlor alkali products and Japan TK series is higher yuan/ton. The market conditions in various regions are as follows: in the North China market, the main PVC manufacturers in Hebei are still insisting, but some small PVC factories have begun to reduce prices. The general ex factory operation is RMB yuan, which has affected the transaction of other calcium carbide PVC to RMB yuan. In general, there is a decline of RMB 100 yuan. However, the original price of each petroleum PVC manufacturer remains unchanged to ensure the normal operation of the instrument. The mainstream transaction continues to be about RMB 6000 yuan. It is understood that the ex factory operation of a manufacturer in Zhangjiakou is between RMB yuan, Other small factories are basically the same; The main manufacturers in Tianjin continue to maintain the original price. The market transaction of one joint venture manufacturer continues to insist on 6000 yuan, the other major manufacturer is about 5900 yuan, and the local PVC manufacturer of calcium carbide process generally maintains yuan; The devices of a PVC manufacturer in Beijing have returned to normal, and the current sales price is between yuan; A set of equipment from a major manufacturer in Northeast China has resumed operation. At present, the sales price is between yuan, and that of other manufacturers is generally about 5500 yuan; The ex factory operation of PVC manufacturers in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and other provinces is between yuan, with a reduction of 100 yuan. In the East China market, the PVC manufacturers in Jiangsu generally report that the shipment situation is not ideal. At present, various manufacturers, especially the plastic technology, have achieved rapid development. The devices of manufacturers operate normally, and the social supply has increased, but the demand has weakened. It is obvious that it is difficult for manufacturers to leave the factory at 5800 yuan. It is understood that some manufacturers have planned to reduce the ex factory price to 5700 yuan, and the sales price of PVC produced by calcium carbide method in Xinjiang, Henan, Inner Mongolia and Hebei is between yuan; The PVC market in Zhejiang has also declined, and the mainstream transaction has dropped to yuan, but the petroleum PVC can still adhere to yuan. It is understood that the ex factory operation in Shanghai is 6050 yuan, the sales price of major PVC manufacturers in Hebei, Tianjin and Shandong in Zhejiang can maintain yuan, and the price of PVC powder in Russia is between yuan. In the foreseeable future in the South China market, the turnover of PVC market in Guangdong has recovered, but the mainstream is still declining compared with that in the early stage. At present, the turnover of calcium carbide PVC in small factories is between RMB yuan and that in large factories is about RMB 5800 yuan, but the shipment situation is not ideal. Some petroleum law manufacturers can still adhere to RMB yuan. At present, there are still few export sources, and the general price is between RMB yuan; The market price in Fujian is also lower than that in the early stage. The mainstream transaction is between yuan, and the calcium carbide transaction of 5800 yuan is difficult. It is understood that the ex factory operation of a major local manufacturer is about 5750 yuan, and the sales price of some manufacturers in Sichuan in Guangzhou is 5750 yuan, aiming to provide more economical and effective packaging options for medical devices with lighter weight and lower risk. The Central Plains market and the Central Plains PVC market have not changed much. Due to the limited turnover of local goods, a large number of goods are mainly distributed to East and South China. At present, the mainstream of the local market is between Yuan and the factory operation of local manufacturers is between yuan; The mainstream of Shandong market is about 5950 yuan. It is understood that the current transaction of 5950 yuan in the chemical city is not ideal. The ex factory operation of a major local manufacturer is between yuan, and the operation price of other calcium carbide PVC is about 5700 yuan. In the southwest market, the mainstream price in Sichuan has dropped by 100 yuan. At present, the mainstream transaction is between yuan. It is understood that a manufacturer in Guizhou has reduced the ex factory operation to 5600 yuan; The Xinjiang market can maintain about 5750 yuan. One major local manufacturer feels that the shipment situation is not ideal. At present, the factory operation is between yuan. The other manufacturer feels that it is still ideal because of downstream supporting consumption; The operating price of a major manufacturer in Xi'an dropped to 5700 yuan, while the local competitive price of a manufacturer in Ningxia was 5600 yuan

as the demand has not really started, the overall market has not changed much this week. At present, the price trend still depends on the change of final demand. From the analysis of the normal situation in previous years, it will be obviously started by the end of August and September. If it improves at that time, the PVC price may rise with the support of limited market supply. On the other hand, affected by the sluggish demand, the spot price in the Asian market this week was US $per ton (CFR), down 25 US dollars per ton compared with last week, which once again suppressed the already weak domestic market. At present, it is a fact that the demand is not strong, and downstream users believe that the price must fall. Under this psychological control, the willingness to purchase in the market is obviously insufficient, but the inventory of PVC manufacturers is not under pressure, which is also the main reason why there is no panic decline in the price in the near future. If this situation continues, the price will fall in August and affect the operation in the first ten days of September. It is estimated that the market will fall in August

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