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Analysis and forecast of packaging machinery industry. From single machine to single-sided machine, and then to large-scale production line, packaging machinery is nothing more than imitation and copying. The appearance is similar, but the internal quality is always the weakness of domestic equipment. The cost performance of domestic equipment meets the requirements of most customers, but the high-end models have always given way to Europe and the United States, and their originality is even worse. Disorderly competition in the domestic packaging industry has hindered the progress of the industry, and business innovation has made it fall into a misunderstanding. The competition in the packaging industry is disordered, and industrial innovation is weak. Some large-scale and powerful packaging enterprises withdraw or linger because of lower profits and fierce competition, thus hindering the restructuring and industrial upgrading of the industry. The untimely adjustment of national industrial policies and standards and the low level have become shackles restricting the development of the industry. Under the background of rapid technological progress and continuous innovation in the industry in recent years, the old national standard has seriously failed to meet the requirements of industry development. The lower the thermal conductivity of materials, and seriously lags behind the existing social general technical level. Due to the above reasons, the whole domestic packaging industry is in a disorderly and low-level competitive stage. If there is no fundamental change, innovation and realism, China's packaging industry will have a long way to go

the production efficiency of each single machine in the packaging machinery industry continues to improve, but there is no wisdom when dealing with small orders and multiple changes. He cannot adjust the specifications and schedule production in a short time and in an array. Take the process of die cutting and forming as an example. For each new product, a professional die cutter needs to make the corresponding template according to the graphics and dimensions. To change the order, the template must be replaced once, which is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also increases the production cost. However, this forming technology must be carefully and successfully applied for many years when it has been used in the sheet metal industry. For example, for CNC punching, he only needs to input the graphics, dimensions and other parameters, After setting the corresponding production quantity, it is easy to change the order and support the array arrangement. Why is the existing mature technology not applied in the packaging industry? It is a problem of concept and attention, that is, the flexible production concept of the whole packaging industry is not available, and the ecological environment of small orders is not paid enough attention

the R & D and manufacturing enterprises of packaging machinery should have great love until the sample is broken. Increasing the attention to the production of small orders and personalized packaging products and making small batch production simple, easy and interesting are the future choices of our packaging industry

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