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Advantages of electric drive of injection molding machine over other systems

electric drive of injection molding machine has obvious advantages over other systems. It is very quiet, consumes less energy and generates less waste heat. Process related advantages also include higher precision and repetition precision, which is more important to users. On the other hand, all electric machines are expensive, but with 122 members of the team increasing production, the cost and selling price are bound to decline. For us, it is very important that we produce our own motors. This is the only way for us to achieve a lower cost as soon as possible. For customers who buy our electric equipment, our goal is to recover their investment in three years, that is, a machine should pay for its own synthesis of a unique structure during this period of time

it is expected that the injection molding machine may only use electric drive after the year. The pace of this change is different in different regions of the world: the regional differences in Asia and the United States and even the distribution of species will be more obvious and faster, while Europe is relatively slow. This is because Europe has a long history of using hydraulic drive. Machinery manufacturers will become the pioneers in the transformation from hydraulic to electric

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