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Advantages of convenience food

packaging and sealing solutions are the key to win consumers, and good quality and utilization are the center of the goal. In the eyes of food producers and retailers, consumers' loyalty to a brand is like a preview of the market share of the product. The producers who first explored convenience food mainly focused on packaged meat food, and the main factors to be investigated were quality, reliability, ease of use and easy handling into pallets

innovation in quality materials can help brand owners expand the range of choices of consumers and make quick choices according to the packaging quality and shelf life of products. As a supplier of convenience food, marks Spencer prefers the impressive transparent film, so that the real quality of the packaging inside can be fully displayed; At the same time, it is also a special innovation to improve environmental friendliness and reduce packaging weight. The innovation of packaging industry often depends on the needs of consumers. Packaging manufacturers must be able to adjust the visual parameters, colors and styles of design. The innovation and development of packaging materials are endless, and intelligent and flexible packaging is also playing an increasingly important role in the market. Another development direction is smell. Packaging is likely to express and stimulate a feeling to affect consumers' buying behavior. Therefore, this provides food producers with a wide range of packaging options and research and development space. Food packaging is constantly optimized and innovated, making food production more and more convenient; At the same time, food producers are constantly improving the sealing performance. In addition, we should also ensure the shelf-life quality of packaging, the safety of food taste and color

from transportation to product promotion and display, packaging is needed, and the most important task of packaging is to convey information to consumers. From the moment the product is placed on the supermarket shelf, it should be ready to take it directly for microwave cooking. Supermarkets all hope that these food packages that need to be processed have stable quality, and the outer packaging bags of convenience food should stand the test. Even if they are refrigerated for a long time and stored on shelves, the food will still be as fresh as it has just been produced. At the same time, the package should be easy to open and suitable for all consumers, including the elderly and children


new materials have now become a secret weapon that can improve the market positioning of convenient food. One of the single materials is called CPET, which is a packaging material suitable for convenience food and has good barrier performance

the future packaging materials are more inclined to be transparent and heat-resistant single materials, thus replacing glass or multilayer composite materials. New plastic materials can improve and adapt to the barrier characteristics in different environments. Sealed or composite CPET materials can bring better protection. This process can make the whole package look brighter and make the food have a more attractive appearance

PLA will play a more important role. PLA is an important part of drentgoebel's active packaging project, which is used to test the shelf life extension of products after using PLA materials

the packaging in the future will become more 31/1. Qiao is not only the material, but also the design style. Trays with pores and double-layer seals will be possible, so that different packages can be combined, thus greatly improving the variety of packages. Some packaging solutions are also more intelligent. RFID microchip will also be a kind of material experimental machine, which will have greater applications in food packaging. RFID technology will also promote the development of so-called functional intelligent packaging

more important than RFID chips is the innovation of coding. This cooperative technology between packaging enterprises and supermarkets will also bring new reforms to their respective service concepts. Drent Goebel will support supermarkets to adopt more advanced RFID warehouse management systems. Before shopping, consumers put their ID card into the shopping cart. Usually at home, they can make a shopping list on the computer and save it in the ID card. When you need to settle, you can go directly to the cashier, because the purchased goods have been listed at the cashier


262 although European legislation has involved food packaging, national laws and standards vary from city to city. Therefore, it is very necessary to establish a law on food packaging recognized by the EU

the first step of legislation is to make the requirements of each country consistent, and allow the experimental results to be saved by themselves. After the experiment, the curve can be re drawn up. Countries first comply with the unified legislation of the European Union. Food consumption and food packaging have a very complex connection with the slight rise in the scrap market on the 7th. Therefore, in order to become a global standard, we must first be able to be compatible with the standards of the European Union and the U.S. FDA at the same time

the concept that must be unified is the structure of food packaging barrier materials, so now the standards of various countries are different, so packaging enterprises need to launch a universal material formula. At the same time, the requirement of environmental protection is also a big challenge. For example, some enterprises' poor management of supply chain and poor sealing of packaging will cause environmental pollution. Until the introduction of a harmonious and unified packaging law, global packaging suppliers can get real support and be reflected in the final retail field. Nevertheless, food packaging suppliers will encounter other new challenges

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