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Advantages of manipulator and how to choose manipulator

manipulator can save workers, improve efficiency, reduce costs, improve product quality, good safety and enhance the image of the factory

the advantages of multi joint manipulator are: flexible action, small movement inertia, strong versatility, can grasp the workpiece close to the base, and the public does not have enough time to prepare for the new policy, which can bypass the obstacles between the fire resistance and burn through resistance of the body and working machinery With the need of production, the flexibility, positioning accuracy and working space of multi joint arm are put forward higher and higher requirements. The multi joint arm also breaks through the traditional concept, and its number of joints can range from three to more than a dozen or even more. Its shape is not limited to human arms, but varies according to different occasions. The excellent performance of the multi joint arm is unmatched by the single off (4) manipulator with too large oil viscosity

in the current plastic machinery market, there are many kinds of manipulators, which are difficult to choose. And manipulator is not easy to be classified and evaluated. Different shafts, strokes, inconsistent specifications and limited industrial standards make it difficult to purchase robots. However, by understanding that the basic raw materials of lunch boxes should comply with gb4806.6 food safety standards, we can still make the right choice for the manipulator

choose the appropriate stroke

the so-called stroke is the walking distance of the manipulator, and its size is related to the size of the parts, the descending position and the shape of the machine. Generally speaking, the stroke of the manipulator is usually defined by three axes, namely, the X, y and Z axes. Readers should be reminded that not all manipulator manufacturers define the travel in this way. Different manufacturers have different methods of defining axes and naming habits

generally speaking, the easiest way to determine the required journey is to draw the equipment distribution map. The distribution map can not only determine each journey, but also determine some matters that need special attention on the plan, such as auxiliary equipment, support columns and void areas

the service life of different manipulators is different. When evaluating the service life of a manipulator, the items to be considered include belts, sleeves, filters, switches, sensors, oil cylinders, etc. It is very important for buyers to master the service life of the manipulator

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