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Laser electric DSM's materials can meet the needs of customers for higher safety and reliability. The advantages of subaddition and its difference from conventional addition

laser electronic addition has the following advantages due to the use of electronic addition and laser recording

1. The point added by laser electron has solid point, high density and good accuracy

2. Every point with slip is composed of hundreds of sub points, with good reproducibility of levels and fine and rich subtle levels

3. it can produce dots with different shapes at different levels as needed, which is easy to control dot expansion and printing quality

4. Using the same super dot mode to obtain points with different angles can change the point frequency, so as to effectively control the generation of moire

5. the requirements for obvious influence conditions are reduced, and the development tolerance is large

the difference between laser electronic addition and conventional addition is:

1. The frequency of conventional addition of four-color separations is the same, while laser electronic addition is different

2. conventional addition, strict addition characteristics; The laser electronic widening has a large capacity

3. The shape of conventional widening points is limited, while laser electronic processing can be available. Instead, we choose to concentrate on creating a variety of changes in the steel trade ecology

4. the conventional dot is soft and the definition is poor, while the laser electron dot is hard and the edge definition is high

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