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Dairy outer packaging - advantages of carton packaging

in China, most dairy outer packaging boxes are packed in cartons, and corrugated cartons as the outer packaging of dairy products have some advantages:

normal> first of all, corrugated cartons have strong protective properties for commodities, and their excellent compression resistance, puncture resistance and moisture resistance are unmatched by other packaging


normal> secondly, corrugated cartons can be flexible in color and pattern. It can apply pre printing or overlaying technology to give cartons more beautiful patterns, so that they have a strong sales function


normal> thirdly, corrugated boxes have good tightness, which can play a good protective role for long-distance goods


normal> finally, compared with plastic turnover boxes, although plastic turnover boxes can be recycled, the extruder extrudes the molten plastic through the fixed shape extrusion port under the action of screws and can be blown away by ear balls for reuse, they are dirty in appearance, while the cartons are clean and beautiful

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