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Advantages and operation methods of full-automatic polarimeter

the full-automatic polarimeter uses sodium lamp as the light source, which has the problems of slow reaction speed, poor stability, large power consumption, preheating time and short service life. Using ultra-high brightness and high purity LED has the characteristics of high efficiency, stable wavelength, fast reaction speed, low power consumption, long service life and excellent working stability, no preheating, good temperature adaptability, etc. The results obtained have high accuracy, and the automatic polarimeter has good repeatability and stability

advantages of automatic polarimeter:

1 Students' hands-on and brain use are many, and physical phenomena are obvious, which reflects many advantages and characteristics of teaching instruments

2. Do a variety of polarized light experiments: optical rotation effect, optical polarization experiment, verification of Marius' law, etc

3. Small size and light weight. It adopts high-strength aluminum alloy to make optical base, sliding block and rotary table, which is beautiful and durable

at the same time, it also has the geographical advantage of being adjacent to Hong Kong.

this instrument can be used in basic physics experiments to make it have higher requirements for the fixture of the experimental machine, and design and research physics experiments and demonstration experiments

operation method of full-automatic polarimeter

method parameter setting

turn on the power, turn on the instrument, wait for a few seconds, and the screen displays the main interface window, in which corresponding parameter settings can be made

tap the [mode] graphic button to select different measurement modes. After selecting the mode, tap OK to return to the main interface. After setting the [parameter] in the same way, you can return to the main interface to measure the sample

determination of samples

put the test tube containing distilled water or other blank solvents into the sample room, cover the sample room, press the "reset" key, and the reading of 0 will be displayed. If there are bubbles in the test tube, the effective stroke of the tension machine should be 480 ~ 690mm first, so that the bubbles float at the convex neck, and the foggy water droplets at both ends of the smooth surface should be wiped dry with a soft cloth. The nut of the test tube should not be screwed too tightly to avoid the stress expected to be put into use in the first half of this year, which will affect the reading. Pay attention to the marking position and direction when placing the test tube

take out the test tube, inject the sample to be tested into the test tube, put it into the sample chamber according to the same position and direction, and cover the chamber cover. The instrument will display the optical rotation (or corresponding indication) of the sample

the instrument is set to automatically measure n times, get n readings and display the average value. If the number of measurements is set to 1, you can use the retest key to manually retest. When the number of retests n> 1, press the "retest" key, and the instrument will clear the previous measured value. Measure n times continuously

please press the "reset" key before each measurement

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