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Advantages and usage of multifunctional screwdriver

metal tools: advantages of safe multifunctional screwdriver

1 Whether the screws are installed or removed, the anti falling clip can prevent the accidental loss of screws

2. Because the safety casing is a slender stainless steel pipe, for the narrow place that cannot be reached by hand, when removing the screw, the screw can automatically enter the screw cavity and be easily taken out under the action of anti unclamp

3. Since the screw is installed in the screw cavity, the screw can be accurately positioned on the target, and the screw cavity is a metal tube, the weight reduction value can be relatively large to avoid the screw from tilting before entering the target, and always in line with the screwdriver rod, so that the screw can be easily screwed in if special attachments are needed

4. Because the screws are installed in the screw cavity, people's fingers do not need to touch the screws due to the rapid development of new energy vehicles in recent years. Therefore, it will not happen that the screws will tilt and hurt the fingers as the weight of the vehicle body drops before entering the target when using an ordinary screwdriver

5. Due to its anti pinch function, the screwdriver can carry the screw to screw it into the target in any direction, and the screw will not slip due to the effect of gravity

hand tools: how to use a safe multifunctional screwdriver

1 When installing the screw, put the screw into the screw cavity, hold the safety casing (or Jane guard handle) tightly with one hand, put the screw tip on the target, and screw the screwdriver handle with the other hand

2. When removing screws, hold the safety casing tightly with one hand and push the screwdriver on the wire, and screw the screwdriver handle with the other hand

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