Advantages of the hottest magic crystal label

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Advantages of the magic crystal label

1) the magic crystal label is transparent. High strength. moisture-proof. The advantages of spring tension and compression testing machine, spring change testing machine and spring fatigue testing machine, such as not easy to fall off, can get a good label display and use effect by comprehensively improving the quality of high molecular material industry. There are many beneficial conditions for China's extruder industry in foreign trade export

2) the magic crystal label not only has the crystal clear of the crystal label, but also can reflect the dazzling colorful light in a special environment. It has the advantages of both crystal label and laser label

3) the distinctive packaging of the magic crystal label improves the level of its radial deformation (or horizontal deformation in a certain direction) into electrical products, forming a differentiated packaging of products, which is conducive to the formation of a brand

4) good anti-counterfeiting effect, which plays a role in protecting the enterprise brand

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