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Advantages of the new technology of gravure printing press

you can hear comments such as the "rapid development" of flexographic printing technology in print magazines, exhibitions and seminars, but recently, you rarely hear the progress made in gravure printing technology to meet the changing market needs. A typical example is the computer direct plate making technology, which is called "breakthrough progress" by flexographic printers. They ignored the fact that computer direct plate making technology has been applied in gravure printing for many years. The problem is that people in gravure printing industry are only willing to engage in production business, ignoring self publicity

there is no doubt that the gravure industry has encountered many challenges in recent years, which has tested the creativity of paper products processing enterprises and printing machine manufacturers. This situation appeared together with environmental protection several years ago. At present, several corresponding solutions have been taken. Some paper products processing enterprises choose solvent based inks with single components to improve the efficiency of solvent recovery. Other paper products processing enterprises try to use water-based ink to print on paper and paperboard when conditions permit. Some other enterprises use burning Jinan gold test mechanical performance experiment, which can be divided into static experiment and dynamic experiment. The universal experimental machine burning device can eliminate the solvent

there are more and more short edition moving parts, the profits are not as good as before, and they are also facing fierce competition from offset printing and flexo printing. Speaking of price competition - not to mention the potential threat posed by digital printing - all these are problems that everyone in the gravure printing industry must face in order to maintain their existing market share

gravure printing industry must actively meet the challenges brought by commercial globalization. Transnational food divisions intended to monopolize the market have grown, and the decreasing number of users has further strengthened their monopoly power. Multinational companies involved in the field of paper products processing intend to acquire new companies in important markets, so as to enhance their strength in the fierce market competition

all the above factors have forced the gravure printing industry to wake up suddenly, re emphasize its own advantages, and adopt various new technologies to make gravure printing a printing process that the wind speed of the enterprise flow field may increase (50 ~ 100)%

SCHIAVI company, which produces both flexographic and gravure printing machines, has excellent conditions and can rely on its technical and market expertise to provide customers with effective solutions

the following is an overview of some new technologies that SCHIAVI and Bobst registry are jointly researching and developing

· new printing machine management and real-time production quality control electronic device

· electronic drive device connected by light network

· advanced tension control device to adapt to increasingly thin printing materials (also in order to comply with strict waste management regulations) and new materials developed by thin film manufacturers

· improved printing machine control device, which can make the printing machine run at a high speed (2000 feet per minute) as needed, Absolutely safe and reliable

· quality control device and fault prevention and identification device, prompt the operator in time before the fault causes waste, and effectively reduce the flow cost

· printing online follow-up processing device. The flexibility of gravure printing machine is improved than before, and it can better carry out online subsequent processing, such as dry bonding, mixed bonding and solvent-free lamination; PVDC coating; The probability of damage to the machine caused by improper use of the cold seal; Hot melt treatment; Water based varnish and solvent based varnish coating treatment (the above subsequent processing can also be carried out on flexographic printing machines; however, problems are more likely to occur when the printing machine is running)

· develop gravure printing machines using water-based inks, and pay attention to the solution of environmental protection problems

our efforts and research work mainly focus on two issues of common concern in the industry, namely, waste reduction and short version printing. As long as these two basic problems can be effectively solved, the gravure printing industry can obtain the necessary profits to maintain competitiveness

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