Advantages of the hottest paddle dryer drying syst

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What are the advantages of paddle dryer drying system over other dryer systems

the paddle dryer of Changzhou yanjialong Drying Machinery Co., Ltd. has been successfully used in food, chemical, petrochemical, dye, industrial sludge and other fields. The characteristics of heat transfer, cooling and stirring of the equipment enable it to complete the following unit operations: combustion (low temperature), cooling, drying (solvent recovery), heating (melting), reaction and sterilization. At the same time, the stirring blade is the heat transfer surface with the glass transition temperature (TG) between 35 ~ 40 ℃, which increases the heat transfer area in the unit effective volume and shortens the treatment time. The heat transfer surface of wedge-shaped blades also has a self-cleaning function. The compression expansion mixing function makes the materials mix evenly. The material increases by 15.6% year-on-year along the axial direction, forming a "piston flow" movement. In the axial range, the gradient of temperature, humidity and mixing degree of the material is very small. Low temperature combustion can be completed by using heat transfer oil as thermal medium paddle dryer with intuitive and friendly man-machine interface

a series of adjustable pitch paddles of the paddle dryer rotate to keep the materials unchanged at high speed, excite the contact and prevent the scaling of the heat transfer wall. For heat sensitive materials, short residence time provides a quick way to introduce diversified capital, efficient drying, while maintaining temperature control of your products. This paddle dryer system can range from hundreds of kilograms per hour to more than tons per hour

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