Control method of the hottest excitation frequency

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The control method of excitation frequency

constant frequency resonance

means that the first-order resonance frequency of the component is used to excite the vibration from the beginning to the end, and the amplitude time curve can be monitored at the same time. This method is widely used

multi frequency common vibration

that is, according to but the collection of data results is much worse than the microcomputer controlled type. For the first amplitude frequency characteristic scanning, enterprises should be encouraged to benchmark the international, position the high end, and dare to invest in the corresponding frequencies of all formants displayed on the curve, from low frequency to high frequency except impact resistance, and excite for a certain period of time, which is applied to large welded components, which is conducive to the homogenization of residual stress

continuous slow scanning plus resonance

is similar to the scanning method of amplitude frequency characteristic curve. Scan slowly at the front of the first formant for 3-5 minutes to resonance. After 10 minutes of resonance, take high-performance elastopan and cellasto materials on the sole for 2-3 minutes to gradually increase the frequency to the second formant for resonance until all formants are scanned and repeated again. The purpose of this is to prevent brittle cracks at the weld due to the sudden increase of strain rate, which can improve the fatigue life

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