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Control measures for hoisting safety

I. hoisting management

1. Prepare a special construction plan according to the layout plan of the construction site, the installation location of hoisting equipment and the surrounding environment, relevant laws and regulations, standards and engineering structural characteristics, and implement it after being sealed and approved by the supervision company

2. Valid data shall be issued for hoisting equipment: A. manufacturer's business license, production license, quality management system certificate. b. Product inspection report. c. Registration certificate of the construction industry association. B product self inspection report, production certificate and operation manual

3. After the hoisting equipment enters the site, it shall be inspected whether the appearance of the equipment is damaged, whether the specification and model are suitable, and whether the accessory files of the equipment are complete. After the equipment is installed, it can be put into use after being self inspected by the installer and re inspected by the project department and reported to the technical department and the safety department of the company for acceptance

II. Control measures:

(I) lift safety control measures:

1. Installation personnel should wear safety helmets, correctly use safety belts when working at heights, and do all actions follow the command. During installation, personnel irrelevant to installation are absolutely prohibited from using the lift

2. When driving the cage, the operation box must be moved to the top of the cage. It is not allowed to operate in the cage. Always ensure that the lifting equipment such as chain block used is suitable for the lifting load and in good condition. When using the installation boom and cage for installation, do not start the cage

3. Establish a management system for the use of material hoists, which should be managed by a full-time organization and a full-time rigger

4. During operation, the crane operator should always pay attention to the wear of the transmission mechanism, the deviation of the grinding rope and pulley, and timely report to the relevant personnel of the project department and solve it in time

5. Unless the main power supply has been completely cut off, no one can move in the fence, on the top of the fence or against the fence, as well as in the unsafe areas such as the elevator passage, the guide frame column and the wall attached frame

II. Safety control measures for tower crane

1. According to the requirements of the "tower crane disassembly and assembly license" issued by the Ministry of construction, the installation and disassembly of tower crane must be carried out by a qualified disassembly and assembly unit, and the installation and disassembly must be carried out within the scope of qualification. The installation and disassembly personnel are on duty with certificates after special business training. At the same time, the personnel of all types of work are complete, the positions are clear, and they perform their duties according to the unified instructions. The lower part of the machine base is the strong current system of the experimental machine, During commissioning, electrician certificate and lifting work certificate shall be held

2. The disassembly and assembly of the tower crane must be carried out during the day. If you need to speed up the progress, you can do some assembly or home decoration at night with good lighting conditions. It is not allowed to carry out it in strong winds, dense fog, rain and snow

3. The disassembly and assembly personnel must accept the written safety technical disclosure before disassembly and assembly, so that each employee's responsibilities are clear, and the disclosure person, the receiver and the supervisor sign, each holding a disclosure book and filing

4. The tower crane foundation construction should be supervised by a special person assigned by the relevant department of the tower crane. At the same time, various concealed acceptance records, such as needle detection records, foundation concealed works acceptance records, rebar concealed works records, etc. after the construction is completed, the tower crane can be installed after the concrete curing block concrete strength meets the requirements

5. For the normal and safe use of the tower crane, it is mandatory to have the specified safety devices during the installation of the tower crane, mainly including: lifting torque limiter, lifting weight limiter, height limit device, amplitude limit device, rotation limit device, hook safety device, drum safety device, trolley anti breaking shaft device, pressure testing machine error. What methods are there to eliminate the machine buffer, so as to ensure the integrity, sensitivity and reliability of the safety device, Assign special personnel to maintain and record. If damage is found, it should be repaired and replaced in time, and it is forbidden to remove it without permission or adjust it arbitrarily

6. According to JGJ standard, the special switch box for tower crane should also meet the requirements of one machine, one switch, one leakage and one box. The tripping rated action current of leakage protector should not be greater than 30mA, and the rated action time should not exceed 0.1ss. The distribution board in the cab should not be exposed. The electric gas cabinet is intact, the door locks are complete, the lines are clear, the operation control mechanism is sensitive and reliable, and the performance of each limit switch is good, Arrange professional electricians to check and repair regularly

7. Urge the tower crane drivers, maintenance electricians and mechanical maintenance workers to focus on the inspection of vulnerable parts such as steel wire ropes, hooks, transmission parts, limit safety devices, and immediately deal with problems found, so as to determine the person, time, and measures, and strictly prevent mechanical operation with defects

8. When the tower crane exceeds its independent height, the wall attachment device should be erected to increase the stability of the tower crane. The wall attachment device should be erected in accordance with the requirements of the tower crane instructions since 2013. The problem of wall attachment and the free height above the point of wall attachment cannot be arbitrarily too long. The extra long wall attachment support should be designed and provided with calculation sheets to check the strength and stability

9. The tower crane driver must be healthy, understand the mechanical structure and working principle, and be familiar with the maintenance rules. The certified driver must do a good job in the maintenance of the crane according to the regulations, have a high heart, and carefully do a good job in cleaning, lubrication, fastening, adjustment, corrosion prevention, etc., and must not work after drinking, fatigue, illegal operation, and barbaric operation, and strictly follow the tower crane mechanical operation rules and the ten prohibitions of the tower crane 10. Operate without lifting, have the right to refuse illegal commands, and have sufficient lighting for night operations

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