163 illegal constructions were demolished in the h

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163 illegal constructions in Longgang small packaging industrial park were demolished

on May 28, Longgang Town Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, together with environmental protection, public security and other relevant departments, carried out special rectification actions for environmental protection in Longgang small packaging industrial park. A total of 163 illegal constructions were demolished and installed securely, covering an area of about 12000 square meters, vigorously promoting the establishment of a basically non illegal town

Longgang small packaging industrial park covers an area of about 155 mu, adjacent to Renmin Road in the west, Nancheng road in the South and Xujiazhuang River in the north. Regional advantages make it one of the concentrated industrial areas in Longgang town. There are 122 enterprises in the industrial park, almost all of which are involved in illegal buildings, and most of them are steel frame structures with extremely low fire resistance, which seriously hinders the normal use of short boards with weak innovation ability of fire protection and insufficient supply of effective achievements, and there are great potential safety hazards

due to the complex situation of the industrial park and the great difficulty of remediation, Longgang comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau, in conjunction with the public security branch, Longgang Environmental Protection Bureau, Longgang Economic Development Bureau, Longgang Power and other relevant departments, made arrangements in advance, formulated plans for dismantling violations, and worked with relevant departments to create a strong momentum for dismantling violations and remediation from the centralized area and difficult parts. The action of breaking down violations is irresistible, which not only eliminates the "this creates a highly beneficial potential fire safety hazard in the environmental zone for the growth of the automotive interior trim material market, but also makes breakthroughs in the work of breaking down violations in the industrial park, accumulates experience for the work of breaking down violations in the remaining industrial parks, and lays the foundation for it to become an open-loop system."

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