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pipeline support is an essential part of pipeline installation and construction, and the construction quality of pipeline supports and hangers is a very critical link. Before construction, appropriate supports and hangers should be selected according to the load, Shanghai Electrical Engineering installation, Rockwell hardness tester characteristics, the form and fixing method of supports and hangers, Shanghai Electrical Engineering installation, and the spacing should be strictly designed and calculated, so that no carelessness is allowed. The pipe support is used to support the pipe and limit the displacement and deformation of the pipe. Shanghai Electric Engineering installation bears the internal pressure from the pipe. The elastic force of external load and temperature deformation, through which these forces are transmitted to the supporting structure or the ground. Pipe supports can be divided into steel structures, reinforced concrete structures and brick and wood structures according to the materials of the supports. Pipe supports can be divided into two categories according to their uses: supports that allow the displacement of pipes in the support - movable supports and supports for fixing pipes - fixed supports. Shanghai Baocheng electromechanical equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. has many years of pipeline installation experience and many successful cases. The construction quality of pipeline installation is reflected in every construction detail. Shanghai Baocheng electromechanical equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. will serve your pipeline installation project with a serious and responsible attitude

after the welding of metal pipes, the internal quality of pipe welds shall be inspected according to relevant regulations; The internal quality of metal pipe welds shall be subject to radiographic inspection or ultrasonic inspection according to the provisions of the design documents. 4 According to the type of stress cycle, it can be divided into: constant amplitude fatigue test, frequency conversion fatigue test, program fatigue test, random fatigue test and other tests. The radiographic inspection quantity of pipeline welds shall comply with the following provisions. The following pipeline welds shall be 100% radiographic inspected, and their quality shall not be lower than grade II, (1) pipelines transporting highly toxic fluids; (2) Pipelines conveying flammable and toxic fluids with a design pressure greater than or equal to 10MPa, or a design pressure greater than or equal to 4MPa and a design temperature greater than or equal to 400 ℃; (3) Low temperature pipes with temperature less than -29 ℃ are not included. (4) Other pipelines requiring 100% radiographic inspection in the design documents. Radiographic inspection is not required for the welds of non combustible fluid pipes and non-toxic fluid pipes conveying design pressure less than or equal to 1MPa and design temperature less than 400 ℃. Other pipelines shall be subject to sampling radiographic inspection, and the sampling proportion shall not be less than 5%, and its quality shall not be lower than grade III. The sampling proportion and quality grade shall meet the requirements of the design documents. With the consent of the construction unit, the inspection of pipeline welds can adopt overproduction wave inspection instead of radiographic inspection, and the inspection quantity should be the same as that of radiographic inspection. Shanghai Baocheng electromechanical equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. has rich experience in pipeline installation and construction, and has high-quality construction and management personnel to provide high-quality services for the installation of various metal pipelines

bridge installation is a very good installation method for open laying of Indoor cables, which has the advantages of fast construction speed, beauty, firmness and low cost. In China, it is generally called bridge. There are three forms of bridge: ladder, slot box and tray, which have subtle differences. Generally speaking, bridge refers to slot box (with protective cover plate). The bridge is divided into stainless steel bridge according to material; Aluminum alloy bridge; Galvanized cable tray; FRP composite bridge, etc; According to the use occasion, there are ordinary bridge and protective bridge; The alliance of cable tray is to solve these problems. Installation requirements: 1. The cable tray should be flat, without distortion and deformation, without burrs on the inner wall, and all kinds of accessories are complete; 2. The interface of the bridge shall be flat, and the joint shall be tight and straight. The bridge cover shall be flat after installation, without warping angle, and the position of outlet shall be accurate; 3. It is not allowed to wipe the bridge passing through the wall together with the hole on the wall, and a gap of cm should be left; 4. The supports and hangers of the bridge should be in such a way that we can timely understand its use, conduct load accounting, and select appropriate supports and hangers and anti sway supports; 5. When the bridge passes through the deformation joints (expansion joints, settlement joints) of the building, compensation measures shall be taken, and compensation allowance shall be left; Shanghai Baocheng electromechanical equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. has rich experience in bridge installation, and looks forward to your visit

how to overcome common installation quality problems in electrical engineering? There are more than 20 common quality problems in electrical construction, involving piping and wiring, bridge, equipment installation, laying, grounding, terminal connection, through expansion joints and other special practices. The main factors of common quality problems are human factors and management factors; The secondary factors are the construction equipment, construction materials and environmental factors, which can be effectively avoided only by strengthening the management from the following aspects. That is, from the construction scheme, management, allocation of technical personnel, and quality awareness of construction personnel, and the correct understanding and grasp of the specifications by construction personnel, we believe that we should carefully plan and prepare the construction technical scheme and safety technical measures; To implement project management, the project manager is the first person in terms of construction quality, and is fully responsible for the construction quality; It is necessary to systematically train professional technicians. The technical level of technicians determines the technical level of construction. The construction site is different. The technical level of construction technicians and the understanding of the specifications of technicians are flexible. They will be handy in solving the specific problems encountered at the installation site, and do a good job of disclosure to the construction personnel, etc

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