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Electrical equipment: continue to be optimistic about the lithium battery leader, recommend 15 shares

upstream: this week's Cobalt price volatility, lithium price stability, nickel price stability. Electric cobalt (South China) fell 3%, electric cobalt (Jinchuan) fell 1%, and cobalt sulfate rose 2%. Lithium carbonate (battery grade) flat. Nickel sulfate flat

midstream: 1) lithium battery, continue to be optimistic about the recovery of profitability of leading lithium battery enterprises due to the price reduction of raw materials. 2) The price of cathode and precursor is stable, the price of ternary cathode is weak, and the price of lithium iron phosphate is stable. 3) Negative pole, stable price. 4) Diaphragm, less pressure on short-term price reduction. 5) The price of electrolyte is relatively stable, and the upstream lithium hexafluorophosphate has limited room for price increase. We are optimistic about the lithium battery leader in the short term

downstream: 1) in November, with the increase of metal metal contact points between the contact surfaces of friction pairs, the installed capacity of China power exceeded 200000; 2) In November, the installed capacity of power battery was 8.43gwh in the integrated structure of control, measurement and operation, of which 3.4gwh was the highest in Ningde era

photovoltaic: the price of battery rises, and we are optimistic about the leading target of high-efficiency perc battery

upstream: 1) silicon material, cauliflower material/dense material 11) service life of the whole machine:> 5 years, 73/80 yuan/kg, 0%/0%. 2) The average price of silicon wafer, polycrystalline/monocrystalline silicon wafer is 2.06/3.05 yuan/piece, 0%/0%. The price of silicon material and silicon wafer is stable. It is recommended to pay attention to high-quality silicon material faucet and monocrystalline silicon chip faucet

midstream: 1) the domestic prices of battery, polycrystalline/single crystal/single crystal perc battery are 0.89/0.98/1.22 yuan/watt, 1%/0%/2% respectively. 2) The price of components, polycrystalline/single crystal/single crystal perc components is 1.86/1.93/2.15 yuan/watt, 0%/0%/0%. The price of batteries rises, and the price of components is stable. It is recommended to pay attention to the single crystal perc battery faucet

downstream: 1) Oxford photovoltaic Co., Ltd. 1cm2 perovskite silicon series solar cells have reached 28% conversion efficiency, breaking the world record; 2) Firstsolar orders have been scheduled to 2020, and it is expected that next year's component shipments will be about 5.4gw to 5.6gw, double that of 2018

wind power: competitive allocation methods have been released one after another, and the midstream and upstream continue to improve. The upstream: Copper fell 0.23%, medium and heavy plate fell 0.25%, epoxy resin was flat, and raw material prices continue to be optimistic about the improvement of upstream parts

midstream: on December 28, Mingyang received IPO approval and is optimistic about the midstream fan link

downstream: Tianjin released the draft for comments on the competitive allocation method of land-based centralized wind power, which plans to adopt the scoring rules similar to Guangdong to improve the difficulty of scoring by sections, so as to avoid vicious bidding. At present, four provinces and cities have issued competitive allocation methods, which are optimistic about the smooth transition

industrial control & Nuclear Power & industrial control of electric power equipment: during the intensive implementation period of early industrial policies, we are optimistic about the trillion market

nuclear power: optimistic about the future installed weight, which is expected to replace the existing non degradable general plastics in many fields and drive the growth of the industrial chain

power equipment: UHV has entered a new round of construction cycle, with an average annual market capacity of more than 100 billion

key recommendations:

lithium battery: Ningde times, putailai, (), Xingyuan material, ()

motor: (), (). Electric control: ()

photovoltaic: silicon faucet, silicon chip faucet, Jiejia Weichuang, ()

wind power: ()

industrial control: Huichuan technology, Xinjie electric. Nuclear power: ()

power equipment: (), (), ()

risk tips: car sales are less than expected, new energy power generation installation is less than expected, industrial automation development is less than expected, and power equipment investment is less than expected

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