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Electric vehicles should not rush into mass action. Experts call for strengthening industrial cooperation

in view of the chaos of domestic electric vehicle fever and the investment of many enterprises in different industries, Fu Yuwu, executive vice president and Secretary General of the China Society of automotive engineering, called at a forum here today that the core technology of electric vehicles is power battery technology, which requires more than 1. The utility industry and multidisciplinary cooperation of electronic universal testing machines, Instead of fighting alone

Fu Yuwu said at the 2010 China electric vehicle industry grand ceremony and China electric vehicle industry forum that the global automotive industry has never been as unified as today in the development of electric vehicles through continuous innovation to overcome technical barriers and break through technical bottlenecks, and the innovation in the development of electric vehicles has never been as strong as today. The industrialization process of electric vehicles has not been accelerated as today. Pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles have become the common choice of all countries

Fu Yuwu said that the foundation of the development of the electric vehicle industry depends on the improvement of battery technology, and power battery is the key and basic core technology of electric vehicles. Whoever controls the battery controls the electric vehicle. Power battery includes a complex system engineering, including single battery, battery module, power battery pack, power battery pack, power battery performance, which is an industry integrated by materials science, physics, electrochemistry, electronic control system and many other disciplines, and has the special technical characteristics of traditional automobile and electric drive system. The technical threshold of electric vehicles is much higher than we know or understand. It must meet the requirements of high capacity and low cost, which have existed for several decades. The administrative intervention of the power country disrupted the normal operation of the market. The technical characteristics of the battery determine that the traditional automotive industry must cooperate closely with related industries. Without cooperation, it is impossible for China to seize the commanding height of electric vehicles

Fu Yuwu pointed out that internationally, Toyota, Nissan and Panasonic, Honda and Kangtai, Ford and JCS all carry out cross industry cooperation in electric vehicles. China's automobile industry should also strengthen cross industry and interdisciplinary cooperation and carry out international cooperation. Only in this way can we realize the leap forward development of new energy vehicles with electric vehicles as the main body

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