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The electric vehicle market brings considerable growth potential to plastics

the important role of hydraulic cylinders Palo Alto, California (June 5, 2012) electric vehicle production is expected to reach a compound annual growth of more than 80% from 2017, which will significantly promote the application growth of plastics in the field of electric vehicles. This is the conclusion of the latest survey of frost Sullivan Inc., headquartered in Palo Alto, California

the survey report entitled "strategic analysis of plastics in the European and American electric vehicle market" predicts that by 2017, the sales of plastics in the field of electric vehicles will reach 730. They can also highlight the power transmission effectiveness in other uses by US $0 million, an unprecedented increase compared with us $0.5 million in 2010. 4. Measure the relative uncertainty U4 introduced by repeatability

shree vidhyaa karunanidhi, research analyst at frost Sullivan, believes that, The application of plastics in electric vehicles "is driven by the trend of vehicle lightweight and the need to improve the mileage of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are usually loaded with huge batteries, which greatly increases the total weight of the vehicle and limits the mileage. In order to offset the weight of the battery as much as possible, plastic is increasingly used to replace metal parts."

considering the requirements of strength and crashworthiness, metal is still the preferred material for gears and motors. However, plastics have great application potential in some non core and fixed parts, including energy recovery devices, cooling pipes, pumps, fans and housing materials

at present, the application degree of plastics in these parts varies. In terms of cooling pipes and fans, plastic is the preferred material, while in other parts, such as energy recovery devices (treads and pumps) and housing materials, the application of plastic is still at a medium and low level. The survey said, however, that plastics, with their inherent characteristics, are expected to quickly penetrate these fields

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