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A week's market review of Shandong polyester filament Market (2.05--2.10)

the transaction of Shandong polyester filament market is poor, the market is cold, most market quotations remain, the market occasionally trades in bulk, and the price is relatively favorable. Finally, DTY winding is the main part. The shutdown of downstream enterprises in the local market has been very common since the weekend and the beginning of this week. Most market traders have also closed down and left the market, and some businesses have stock, It is expected that the price of local polyester filament will remain stable during the period of vice minister of human resources and social security of short tangtao. The quotation of various varieties in the market is yuan/ton for DTY 150d/48f, yuan/ton for DTY 300d/96f, and the utilization of DTY in China is also on the rise. 150d/48f (Network) is yuan/ton, FDY 50d/36f (Youguang) is yuan/ton, and FDY 150d/96f is yuan/ton

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