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Electrical equipment: the market is waiting for the subsidy decline policy to be issued, recommending 4 shares

cars: 1) in October, the production and sales of new energy vehicles were 146000 and 138000 respectively, with a year-on-year increase of 58.1% and 51.0%. Among them, the production and sales of pure electric vehicles were 116000 and 111000, with a year-on-year increase of 49.7% and 44.7%; The production and sales of plug-in hybrid vehicles were 29000 and 27000, with a year-on-year increase of 104% and 84.6%. In terms of models, the sales volume of pure electric passenger vehicles was 94100, with a year-on-year increase of 79.55% and a month on month increase of 29.13%, mainly due to the large volume of class A00 models, with a significant month on month increase of 79.49%, while the growth rate of high-end models slowed down, and class a pure electric passenger vehicles even showed a negative month on month growth of 11.59%. We believe that as a short-distance means of transportation, class A00 models have the potential to replace the demand for low-speed vehicles in low-end cities, while the negative growth of high-end models in high-end cities is more noteworthy, because excluding the sales of class A00, the growth rate of new energy passenger vehicles in October was -2.26%, 20.74 percentage points lower than that in September, and the year-on-year growth rate decreased by 8.72 percentage points; 2) From the perspective of automakers, BAIC Motor Corporation Limited, (,), SAIC Motor Corporation Limited, and Geely won the top five sales this month, with sales of 278, 261, 80, 73, and 60000 vehicles respectively. It is worth noting that this month is the first month in which BAIC new energy surpassed di in single month sales in the second half of this year, winning the first place in sales volume; Wei Lai automobile appeared on the list for the first time this month, with sales reaching 2060. At the third quarter financial report meeting of Weilai, the company's management said that Weilai has delivered 5300 vehicles, and it is expected to deliver 2500 vehicles per month in November and December, and will achieve the delivery target of 10000 vehicles throughout the year. 3) Six ministries and commissions jointly issued the "notice on strengthening the management of low-speed electric vehicles" to carry out the clean-up and rectification of low-speed electric vehicles. The suspension of low-speed electric vehicles will be conducive to the development of new energy vehicles, and this part of the demand will turn to low-level new energy vehicles such as A00. At present, the cost of purchasing A00 pure electric vehicles under the state of subsidies is 50000-70000 yuan, which is higher than that of low-speed electric vehicles in price. However, consumers have widely accepted electric vehicles, and this part of the demand has basically become rigid demand. It is expected that in the future, a7.4 ball friction and wear tester class 00 vehicles will continue to grow at a high speed in low-level cities, while high-level new energy vehicles will be developed in high-speed cities. In terms of all links, 1) the pattern of excess supply and demand of lithium batteries will further intensify, and high-end lithium batteries will be more favored; 2) Wet diaphragm production expansion and accelerated import substitution are expected to maintain the pattern of volume increase and price decrease; 3) Cathode materials are in the process of increasing industrial concentration, and leading enterprises will attract more customers; 4) The negative electrode price is at the bottom, the competition pattern is clear, and there is a large margin for improvement, or there will be a trend of volume increase and price stability; 5) The price of electrolyte began to rise due to the rise of solvent costs. The profit of manufacturers can be described as the most important reason for restricting the wide use of lithium titanate batteries. The space is still small, and it is expected that the volume and price will rise in the future. We recommend: 1) midstream leading enterprises entering the mainstream supply chain: it is recommended to pay attention to Ningde times, chuangfen (wet diaphragm), putailai (cathode material), (,) (electrolyte), (,) (MS plug electrode material on positive and negative screw out oil pumps), etc; 2) In the future, lithium batteries will win in terms of economy and energy density with the rapid development of its technical indicators. It is recommended to pay attention to (,) (high nickel ternary cathode), (,) (aluminum plastic film of soft packed battery)

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