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Electrical instruments explore new directions

products are developing towards intelligent, systematic, modular and diversified system terminals, with increasingly powerful functions, a substantial increase in technical content, and a significant transition to high value-added products; The scope of application has been further expanded. Intelligent power consumption (including power consumption information acquisition system), renewable energy and electric vehicle charging stations have become important development directions. Technological innovation has become the main driving force for the survival and development of enterprises, and talents have become the decisive factor in enterprise competition

the construction of intelligent electricity has brought a once-in-a-century major development opportunity to the electrical instrument industry, promoted the industrial structure and technological upgrading, and the trend of product intellectualization and systematization is obvious, and the scope of application is further expanded. This makes technological innovation become the main driving force for the survival and development of enterprises, and talents become the decisive factor for enterprise competition. The electrical instrument industry is shifting from labor-intensive to technology leading

opportunities come and risks follow. The merger of multiple systems and the development of microelectronics technology have gradually eliminated the originally clear industrial boundaries, and the mutual penetration between industries has become inevitable. In addition, the involvement of domestic and foreign related industrial giants has gradually intensified market competition

for this reason, enterprises should change the traditional way of thinking and the business model focusing on product manufacturing in accordance with the national plan for the petrochemical industry base and the idea of going global competition, improve enterprise operations, otherwise it will cause the machine to destroy the mechanism and internationalization process, strengthen talent introduction and protection, and improve independent innovation and R & D capabilities, such as salt spray testing machine, high and low temperature testing machine, etc, Give full play to the advantages of instrument and meter enterprises in electric energy meters and information acquisition systems, change to "technology leading enterprises", develop core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and take the differentiated development path of "I have no one, I have my excellence"

adhere to the general principle of "refining the medium and low end, moving towards the medium and high end, and exploring new directions" in research and development ideas, pay attention to product research and development in both domestic and foreign markets, and actively develop new products and technologies such as new energy (solar energy, wind energy, electric vehicle charging station, etc.) metering and billing management terminals that meet the needs of International Smart Power Construction on the premise of meeting the construction needs of domestic electric power information collection system. Comprehensively consolidate the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, and provide flexible packaging enterprises with products with leading technology and reliable quality for the construction of smart electricity

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