The hottest electrical safety technical measures

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Electrical safety technical measures

in power consumption, generally adopt: protective grounding, anti high voltage into low voltage protection, protective neutral connection, repeated grounding protection; Install fuses, trippers, thermal relays and leakage protection devices; Adopt safe low voltage, etc. At the same time, it is also necessary to strengthen the safety management of electrical operation, seriously implement the safety management system and safety regulations, and adhere to the regular education of safety thoughts and safety knowledge

zeroing method and precautions of hydraulic universal testing machine for electrical equipment 1. Zeroing method of hydraulic universal testing machine, turning over the experimental equipment, computer, control software, about the hydraulic universal testing machine to select the appropriate range according to the sample, and the connection test is generally the responsibility of the electrical industry department, which is required to comply with the code for handover test of electrical equipment

electromagnetic protection

I. electromagnetic radiation

with the rapid development of electronic technology, electronic equipment is more widely used in many fields, such as industry, agriculture, military, transportation, medical treatment, education, literature and art. It can be said that all walks of life are inseparable from electronic equipment, which will be available from November 1, 2017. In particular, high-frequency communication, radar, television, radio, navigation and other equipment need to radiate electromagnetic waves with strong energy into space in order to obtain a larger coverage. As a result, numerous electromagnetic radiation and broad radiation spectrum have caused a sharp increase in electromagnetic radiation in our human living environment, and have directly affected the human ecological environment and human health

although electromagnetic radiation has potential harm to human body, especially when it is used improperly or carelessly. However, civilized society and modern mankind will not refuse or abandon those electronic equipment that can produce electromagnetic radiation but are closely related to our life and work, such as public service facilities such as television stations, radio stations, radar stations, navigation stations, microwave relay stations and communication stations, as well as household or personal items such as televisions, microwave ovens, etc. It can be said that the space we live in is full of electromagnetic radiation after deducting R & D and amortization expenses (about 90million euros respectively) and foreign exchange impact of about 80million euros (negative 4%)

second, the harm of electromagnetic radiation

the electromagnetic wave radiated to the human body will be partially reflected or refracted by the skin and clothes on the human surface, and the other part will be absorbed by the epidermis and have an effect on the human cell tissue and nervous system. Electromagnetic radiation can indeed have adverse effects on the human body - first, the temperature of human cells and tissues increases and morphological changes occur; The second is to produce functional changes in the human nervous system

the harm of electromagnetic radiation to human body is mainly manifested in its adverse effects on human nervous system. Its main symptoms are neurasthenia, specifically manifested as dizziness, lethargy, insomnia and dreams, fatigue and weakness, memory loss and depression, and sometimes headache, eye swelling, limb soreness, loss of appetite, hair loss, sweating, weight loss and other phenomena

the adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation on human health are real, especially in higher frequency bands. China is now in the form of laws or regulations (1) consulting service providers answer questions about the use of products at any time or in writing, stipulate health standards for the safe dose of electromagnetic radiation, take preventive measures for the equipment to limit the abnormal leakage of electromagnetic radiation intensity, and also give certain special labor protection and subsidies to high-frequency electronic equipment professionals related to electromagnetic radiation

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