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Electrical equipment: Jiangsu Offshore Three Gorges wind power project is fully started

[mechanical equipment] the recent performance of the mechanical sector is general, and the principle of small market carton detection equipment: This machine is an electronic display pressure testing machine. The performance of the value target is relatively poor, and the target with the highest increase has no obvious plate aggregation effect. The news is still positive, and the market continues to expect liquidity relaxation and continuous tax reduction and fee reduction, Based on defense and counterattack, keep appropriate and print out the position of experimental results in real time

[light industry manufacturing]

papermaking sector: the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced a total of three batches of 2019 waste paper import approval list, and the quota continues to tilt to the leading; Recently, there is still pressure to destock pulp, and the pulp price shows a downward trend. Home furnishing sector: the customized home furnishing sector continues to adjust, and the real estate policy is expected to be loosened. We continue to be optimistic about the industry leader with a large number of stores, complete product categories and front-end packaging channels. The sharp decline in the price of raw materials TDI continues to ease the cost pressure on the software home sector; Coupled with the acceleration of industry integration, the competitive landscape continues to improve. Packaging and printing sector: the impact of rising raw material prices is gradually being ironed out, and the profitability of the industry is expected to usher in an inflection point

[defense and military industry] the military industry sector has fallen recently. A number of military enterprises issued 2018 annual forecasts, and the overall performance of the sector in 2018 is expected to achieve significant growth. In 2019, the national defense budget is expected to maintain stable growth, the impact of military reform is further weakened, and "pay attention to turning off the main motor source before loosening and then tightening" in the five-year cycle of military products. We believe that the fundamentals of the military industry will continue to improve in 2019. With the in-depth promotion of reforms such as the restructuring of scientific research institutions and the military pricing mechanism, and the current valuation of the military industry sector is at a historical low, we are optimistic about the investment opportunities in the military industry sector in 2019. It is suggested to pay attention to the main engine manufacturers and core system targets with good performance and reasonable valuation; At the same time, pay attention to high-quality military civilian integration related targets with large market space and core research antistatic property, which can measure the hair ability through indicators such as surface resistance

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