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Electrical fire is on the rise, and high-tech can prevent it in the future.

with the implementation of the new fire protection law, preventing fire accidents has once again become the focus of social attention. However, according to the data of China Fire statistical yearbook provided by the Fire Department of the Ministry of public security, among all fire accidents in 2008, electrical fire accidents have always been the first in the whole fire accidents, and the proportion has an upward trend, and the losses caused by electrical fires are particularly heavy

in order to prevent fires and reduce fire hazards, strengthen emergency rescue work, protect personal and property safety, and maintain public safety, President Hu Jintao signed Presidential Decree No. 6, announcing that the new "fire protection law" will be implemented from May 1, 2009. The law stipulates that fire protection work should focus on prevention and combine fire protection. This machine is a high-precision, multi-purpose data testing machine that stops mechanical property testing of metal or non-metal data, In particular, the mandatory provisions on early warning and prediction of electrical fires have been increased. It is worth noting that electrical fires can be prevented by high technology

the proportion of electrical fires is on the rise

according to the national fire statistics in 2008, a total of 133000 fires occurred throughout the year (referring to the statistical month, excluding forest, grassland, military and underground mine fires, the same below), 1385 people were killed, 684 people were injured, and the direct property loss was 1.5 billion yuan. Compared with 2007, in addition to the loss increase of 39.3%, the number of fires, deaths and injuries decreased by 16.2%, 2.9% and 21.6% respectively

in terms of the causes of fires, 40000 fires were caused by electrical reasons such as wire short circuit, overload and electrical equipment failure, accounting for 30.1% of the total, and the proportion increased by 1.3 percentage points over last year; Secondly, careless use of fire caused more than 30000 fires, accounting for 23%; Smoking caused 9762 fires, accounting for 7.3%; Fires caused by playing with fire accounted for 7.1%, fires caused by careless production operations accounted for 5.5%, fires caused by spontaneous combustion accounted for 2.2%, fires caused by lightning, static electricity and other reasons accounted for 15.7%, and fires with unknown causes accounted for 9.1%

the high proportion of electrical fire accidents is worrying. At 6 a.m. on November 14th, 2008, four female college students of Shanghai Business School jumped out of a building and died. The Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau announced in the afternoon that the fire accident in the dormitory of Shanghai business school, which caused the death of four college students, was preliminarily judged to be caused by the electrical failure caused by the use of "fast heating" in the dormitory and the ignition of surrounding combustibles

at about 9:30 a.m. on February 5 this year, a fire broke out in Yuanxiang building, Hanzheng Street, Wuhan, killing 1 person and injuring 11 others. The cause of the fire is suspected to be the aging of wires. It is worth noting that the fire department has issued 15 fire hazard rectification notices to Hanzheng Street, some of which have been rectified, and most of the problems still exist. The party concerned has been arrested by the police

the accuracy of Wuhan municipal government is certainly different. Secretary General Tan Renjie claimed that Wuhan will investigate the relevant people in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and disciplines, and will never be soft hearted. This shocking painful lesson and huge loss of blood and fire one after another have to trigger us to re-examine how heavy the electrical fire has brought to people's lives and property losses

in fact, in addition to the above cases, there are not a few accidents caused by electrical fires. Among them. More than 40% of the fires in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province in 2008 were electrical fires, and the direct property loss of fires more than doubled compared with 2007

electrical fire prevention has become the top priority of fire control work

for the severe electrical fire situation, early prediction, early warning and prediction have become the top priority of fire control work, and eliminating the occurrence of electrical fire from the source has become the focus of attention

it is understood that in order to strengthen the prevention of electrical fire accidents, the state has added corresponding provisions to the revised code for fire protection design of high rise civil buildings (GB version) and code for fire protection design of buildings (GB version), namely article 9.5.1 of the code for fire protection design of high rise civil buildings and article 11.2.7 of the code for construction, which stipulate that some important places should set up leakage fire alarm systems to prevent and control electrical fire accidents from technical measures

it is worth noting that the prevention, protection and control of electrical fires are relatively good in foreign countries. For example, Japan's electricity consumption is eight times that of China, but electrical fires account for only 2% of the total number of fires. The fundamental reason is that the Japanese government issued a policy in 1978 to force the installation of electrical fire prediction, early warning and prediction systems, which can eliminate hidden dangers before electrical fires occur

although the Chinese government attaches great importance to electrical fire prevention, it revised the code for fire protection design of high rise civil buildings, the code for fire protection design of buildings and the fire protection law in 2005 and 2007, proposed that the application of electrical fire monitoring and early warning system should be promoted, and updated the code for design of automatic fire alarm system. However, due to people's low awareness of electrical fire prevention, they always take chances, resulting in incomplete rectification. National leaders have always urged the construction and implementation of electrical fire prevention projects, but if you add oil, the scope and implementation are still far behind the speed of economic development

however, Article 66 of the new fire protection law, which will soon be implemented, stipulates that if the installation and use of electrical products and gas appliances, as well as the design, laying, maintenance and detection of their lines and pipelines do not meet the fire protection technical standards and management regulations, they shall be ordered to make corrections within a time limit; If it fails to make corrections within the time limit, it shall be ordered to stop using it and may also be fined not less than 1000 yuan but not more than 5000 yuan

high technology can prevent electrical fires in the first place

however, fines cannot solve the problem from the root. How to reduce the occurrence of electrical fire and really prevent it before it happens? What is needed is not only social attention to fire accidents, but also high-tech technology to prevent electrical fires

Wei Jingjin, an expert in China's electrical fire prevention industry and chairman of FREIT International Electric Co., Ltd., said that using high-tech electrical fire prevention products can completely prevent trouble before it happens. For ten years, their company has been focusing on the research in the field of electrical fire monitoring system. Through the integration of the internal technical force of the company and the "production, learning and research" advantages of external universities, they have established the Research Center for the causes of electrical fire and early prevention

the "xiaowusong" electric fire monitoring system developed by the prevention and Research Center has won many honors such as the national Torch Program project certificate and the Guangdong provincial high tech product certificate, and has passed a series of safety certificates, and has been entered into the "China fire protection product information" by the Fire Department of the Ministry of public security for key promotion. At present, the company is also one of the main units participating in the revision of the national code for fire protection design of high rise civil buildings, and participates in the revision of the code for design of automatic fire alarm system

according to Liang Boqiang, its senior consultant and spokesman of China's invisible champion enterprise, "very small" has become a new highlight to promote the development of the non-ferrous metal industry, the design principle of "xiaowusong" is to use computers to monitor electrical circuits, set cards for electrical circuits and equipment to "detect and monitor", and monitor leakage, overload, short circuit, excessive contact resistance, temperature The changes of electric sparks and arcs visually present the electrical circuits of the whole building in the monitor. If the above fault anomaly reaches the early warning value, the system can immediately send out audible and visual alarm, and automatically dial to the relevant monitoring personnel to report the fault, accurately locate and display the fault, timely notify the monitoring personnel to eliminate the fault, and at the same time, it can be linked with the fire monitoring center. If the monitoring personnel delay handling, the system can also be set to cut off the power supply of the fault circuit before the electrical fire, so as to avoid the occurrence of electrical fire accidents

for example, after the electrical fire prevention monitoring system was installed in the Bank of China building, the line leakage and line temperature of the power circuit on the 21st floor were abnormal, and the monitoring system sent out sound and photoelectric alarm signals, which were sent to the monitoring center for alarm at the same time. At the same time, the information was dialed to the electrical engineer and the attendant, so that the relevant personnel could deal with it in time, so as to resolve the occurrence of electrical fire and prevent it from happening

it is reported that at present, the "xiaowusong" electrical fire monitoring system has been adopted in more than 1000 key projects in various provinces and cities across the country, such as Daqing oil field, Guangzhou traffic command center, PetroChina gas station, Beijing hongfuwan Olympic Hotel, Chengdu Municipal People's government, Beijing Oriental Xintiandi, Hunan culture building, Shangri La Hotel, etc

in order to let more people know about high-tech products, xiaowusong, the first brand in China's electrical fire prevention industry, has also jointly established a "xiaowusong" business school with Sun Yat sen University, South China Normal University and Beijing Normal University to jointly establish a business model research base and case study base, train dealers for free, and convey to them the concept of early warning for the public and resolving electrical fire hazards, Through them, the knowledge of electrical fire prevention will be transmitted to more people. And this is exactly in line with the original intention of the new "fire protection law"

according to Article 7 of the new fire protection law: the State encourages and supports scientific research and technological innovation in fire protection, and promotes the use of advanced fire protection and emergency rescue technologies and equipment; Encourage and support social forces to carry out fire public welfare activities. Therefore, the application of high-tech research results will undoubtedly make the prevention of electrical fire targeted, truly prevent it before it happens, reduce losses for the country, and contribute to social harmony and progress

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