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Original Hitachi new normal - zx

original Hitachi new normal - zx-5a series medium-sized machines start their journey

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with the implementation of the third national emission standard (the third stage of emission limits and measurement methods for diesel engines used for non road mobile machinery), the epoch-making product - original Hitachi zx-5a series excavators was born. Zxa, zx210h-5a, zxa and zx350h-5a, as the symbol models of zx-5a series medium-sized aircraft, have successively landed in Tianjin port and have established spot supply

zx-5a series has the advantages of previous original Hitachi products. At the same time, it is more green and environmentally friendly, and meets the national three emission standards. Zx-5a series excavators will become the new normal of original Hitachi spot supply. As a new type of excavator, zxa, zx210h-5a, zxa and zx350h-5a have the following characteristics and advantages:

high efficiency, energy saving and green environmental protection

through the use of hios III hydraulic system and new high-pressure common rail EFI engine, the emission of nitrogen and oxygen compounds is reduced to achieve the purpose of green environmental protection. Hios III system is developed by Hitachi construction machinery with the industry-leading apparent density measurement standard astmdl662 hydraulic technology and rich experience, making the operation faster and less fuel consumption. The actuator works quickly with the help of the boom weight, making the compound action faster and smoother

the new multi language and multi-function monitor is used to further improve the work efficiency. The operator can easily check various operating variables in the change: hydraulic oil temperature, fuel level, operating mode, fully automatic air conditioning, am/fm radio, rear view surveillance camera, maintenance support and accessory flow adjustment. Menu items can be selected and adjusted on the control panel through the multi-function controller, and the new rear view surveillance camera always shows the field of view behind the machine

high quality and durability

the new engine is adopted, which meets the third stage emission standard of China's non road machinery, and further improves the reliability and durability. The engine cooling system is improved. Through the expansion water tank located above the engine, the water can be continuously supplied to the water tank, EGR cooling pipe and cylinder head for water supply and exhaust. While the high-efficiency cooling system keeps the engine cool, it can effectively avoid the phenomenon of poor heat dissipation and engine overheating and deformation when the gas is retained; The fuel supply system has been improved, the fuel supply quantity of the electric fuel supply pump has been increased, and the fuel temperature saving function has been added. After the low-temperature start-up, the return oil of the fuel injector is directly re supplied through the filter without cooling, which improves the fuel supply temperature, ensures the combustion effect, and optimizes the fuel injection control scheme; The fuel injection times are reduced and the fuel injection pressure control is optimized. The service life of the fuel supply system is prolonged and the reliability of the engine is improved

O-rings made of fluoride materials are used for control valves, rotary motors and other parts, and more reliable connection methods such as flange connection and constant torque bolt pipe clamp are used for oil return tank pipes, effectively overcoming the problem of aging and leakage of Qee tech new thermoplastic composite preform technology oil

the durability of the upper slewing platform, the front-end working device and the lower traveling body is improved and strengthened through measures such as improved design and thermal spraying WC protection

more comfortable cab

through the improved design, the cab space is increased. A sufficient number of air conditioning vents can make the air circulate evenly in the cab. The standard air suspension seat improves the comfort of the operator when working. The seat is equipped with head restraint and armrest, and can be adjusted by sliding and tilting in a variety of ways to meet the needs of the operator

at the same time of ensuring the comfort of the cab, the firm cab that conforms to OPG (top shield of class I standard) protects the operators from falling objects

simple maintenance, fast and convenient

the front of the radiator is equipped with dust prevention, which reduces the blockage of the radiator caused by dust. The touchable dust-proof device can be cleaned when standing on the ground. In addition, for the convenience of maintenance and inspection, including the drainage from the fuel tank and the replacement of the filter, the maintenance parts are concentrated in the left and right covers that are easy to access from the ground

connite system

zx-5a is equipped with a connite system, which can monitor the running status of the machine in real time. It is a service system that provides a comprehensive solution and can remotely monitor the running status of the machine 24 hours a day

the data reporting service provided by the consite system, in which the "monthly report" can inform the customer of the running status of the machine; "Emergency alarm" can inform the customer of the alarm information of the machine. These two reports can enable the export quota to be officially cancelled, and the customer can timely control the daily operation status of the machine, so as to maximize the use efficiency of the machine

1. Monthly report, that is, send the detailed information of the operation status of the customer's machine to the registered email address every month. The monthly operation information of the machine can help customers analyze the working efficiency of the machine and comprehensively improve the operation of the machine. The customer can share the operation information of the machine with the agent shop authorized by Yongli Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. to make the customer's machine run more efficiently

2. Machine emergency alarm report - if the machine gives an alarm, it shall be responded in time to avoid shutdown, and the emergency alarm report will be sent to the registered email address. Yongli construction machinery, agency stores and customers will share alarm information to reduce the failure rate and downtime. In addition, the owner and the operator can also share the emergency alarm information so that necessary measures can be taken in time

at present, Yongli construction machinery has introduced zx-5a series excavators, including mini machines zx35u-5a, zx55usr-5a and zx68usr-5a; Medium sized zxa, zx210h-5a, zxa and zx350h-5a, and other tonnage zx-5a models will also be established in the future

zxa technical parameters:

engine power: 113kw (152hp)

working weight: 20.1t

bucket capacity: 0.91m3

zx210h-5a technical parameters:

engine power: 113kw (152hp)

working weight: 20.8t

bucket capacity: 0.91m3

zxa technical parameters:

engine power: 190kw (254hp)

working weight: 32.2t

bucket capacity: 1.4m3

zx350h-5a technical parameters:

engine power: 190kw (254hp)

working weight: 34t

bucket capacity: 1.5m3

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