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Downton manor British aristocratic classic retro decoration modeling

retro is an attitude to life, and fashion is a cycle of exquisite reincarnation

the British ITV neoclassical drama "Downton Abbey", which was released last year, has attracted much attention because of its strong production lineup. At that time, newly married Prince William and Princess Kate also said in an interview with reporters that they were watching this TV series. No wonder someone commented that it is the British version of the dream of Red Mansions. What is most worth mentioning about the play is that in addition to its strong performance team, it also restores the deep cultural heritage and elegant aristocratic temperament of this old capitalist country

so, where are the nobles? In Downton manor, well-educated English gentlemen showed a noble template of spiritual nobility; The luxurious and bright scenes and exquisite household ornaments show a materialistically elegant aristocratic life. Restore that great era and feel the aesthetic details in the classics. Downton manor is indeed a visual feast

the delicate and transparent poly decoration, inlaid with emerald jade, covered with yellow and white edges, candlesticks, vases, clocks, decorative bowls, jewelry boxes, Feng Shui plates... The antique taste is extremely thought-provoking. Neoclassical home accessories are not put close to the door panel at a high price, but embrace the nobility from the inside out, which is a blend of cultural connotation and artistic value. Touch the shiny surface, as if you were in the magnificent Downton manor, enjoying the highest honor of the elite





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