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Hunan Daily, April 11 (reporter Wang Wen) this afternoon, Changsha Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development organized some news media and citizens to conduct on-the-spot investigation on representative fine decoration buildings such as Changsha Jinmao Mansion and Changsha Vanke Jinyu international. It was revealed that the city was beginning to formulate implementation rules for fully decorated houses, implement accurate policies and reasonable guidance, ensure the steady and healthy development of the real estate market, effectively prevent speculation, and protect consumer demand

on March 19, the general office of Changsha municipal government issued the notice on further promoting the full decoration construction of new commercial housing, which attracted strong attention from the industry. A small number of real estate projects plan to launch high priced hardbound houses to increase the expectation of rising house prices. Many citizens expressed their concerns about the rise in housing prices and the quality of hardbound houses through channels such as Changsha 12358 price supervision hotline and 12345 hotline. In order to prevent the "new deal for full decoration" from becoming a tool to boost developers to sell houses at a substantial premium, Changsha Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development actively visited and investigated the issues concerned by citizens and the media, listened to the opinions of all parties, and began to formulate implementation rules to prevent disguised price increases in the name of full decoration

the relevant person in charge of Changsha Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development said that Changsha will select about 50 cost consulting institutions with good credit and outstanding performance from the current cost consulting institutions in the city, adopt the method of random selection to determine the decoration price accounting unit, strengthen the regular spot check of third-party cost consulting institutions, focus on the inspection of issuing higher decoration prices, and seriously deal with fraud according to law, If the circumstances are serious, they will be included in the "blacklist" and banned from subsequent decoration cost consultation. According to the needs of home buyers, guide developers to make reasonable pricing to meet the rigid and personalized needs of consumers





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