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After 3 months, the decoration has finally come to an end. Is it time to breathe a sigh of relief? Otherwise, the top priority behind still bothers many people &mdash& mdash; When buying furniture, there are too many furniture in the market, many brands and miscellaneous quality. What problems do owners really care about? Xiaobian specially collected these 10 questions and answers. After reading them, you may know it in your heart. When buying furniture, what problems do owners pay most attention to

1. Q: what brand of sofa is a good sofa? Where should we judge it? Answer: A. you can search the website of sofa enterprises. Good brand websites pay more attention to the construction of websites. b. From the perspective of sofa display environment, the environment of brand sofa exhibition hall often pays attention to design and taste. c. In terms of products, we should judge from the design appearance, sitting feeling and manufacturing process of sofa

2. Q: furniture should be the same as clothes. Do you have to wash it before you use it after you buy it? Answer: A. put the furniture in the patient's living room, open the drawer, cabinet door, close the window door, and use fumigation and spray disinfection in the living room. b. For separate disinfection, furniture can be scrubbed or sprayed with 1% bleach clear solution, furniture can also be scrubbed with 0.2% Peracetic acid solution, and furniture can also be scrubbed with 0.5% Bromogeramine solution. Metal or surface painted furniture cannot be disinfected with bleaching powder or peracetic acid solution to avoid corrosion, damage and discoloration of furniture

3. Q: what are the good tips for choosing furniture? Answer: A. choosing furniture depends on whether it has smell, that is to say, it should be environmentally friendly. b. Choose furniture enterprises with good reputation, and the after-sales service is guaranteed

4. Q: how to choose furniture boards? Answer: furniture board is divided into E0 and E1 levels, and the best furniture board can use E1 level

5. Q: can the boards of furniture be moisture-proof? What board? Answer: furniture has density board and moisture-proof board. Density board, also known as fiberboard. According to their density, they are divided into high-density board, medium density board and low-density board. Due to its soft quality and impact resistance, MDF is also easy to reprocess. In foreign countries, density board is a good material for making furniture, but because the national standard for height board is several times lower than the international standard, the use quality of density board in China needs to be improved. The damp proof board cannot be equated with waterproof. The damp proof board is also compressed and will expand in case of water! The environmental protection and quality of these compressed plates in China are still limited

6. Q: what should I pay attention to when buying panel furniture? Answer: panel furniture: it mainly depends on whether there are scratches, indentation, bubbling, degumming, peeling, glue marks and other defects on the surface of the panel; Whether the wood grain pattern is natural and smooth, without artificial feeling; For symmetrical furniture, we should pay more attention to the consistency and harmony of the board color and texture, which makes people feel that the symmetrical plate is like a piece of material. The rationality and firmness of the connection points between each component of the furniture. If a piece of furniture is combined, its hardware connectors should be of high quality, and the tightness of the hardware itself and the tightness with the furniture must be very ideal

7. Q: how can I know whether the edge sealing is good or not when choosing furniture? Answer: Yes, the quality of the brand is mainly a edge banding. Mainly to see if there is any trimming on the edge. 8. Q: what is the difference between panel furniture and other furniture? Answer: compared with other furniture, panel furniture is more convenient to disassemble and assemble, and panel is a renewable resource

9. Q: now it's very expensive to see sofas. When you ask, it means that they are made of genuine leather, but they all look the same. Which kind of leather is the best? Answer: look at leather: leather sofa is actually a general term. Pig skin, horse skin, donkey skin and cow leather can be used as sofa raw materials. You must find out what kind of leather you use. Among them, cow leather is soft, thick and of the best quality. Now sofas generally use buffalo leather, which is thick and affordable. There are also yellow cow leather and green cow leather. The veins of horse and donkey skins are similar to those of cow leather, but the surface leather is loose and easy to peel off after a long time, so it is not durable, so the price is cheap. Look at the wooden frame: a good sofa must be nailed into a frame with square wood, and the side is fixed with plates. Of course, the wooden frame can't be seen hidden in the sofa. We can lift the sofa with our hands and feel the weight. If the sofa is made of packing board and plywood, the weight is light, and the solid wood frame is relatively heavy. You can also sit on the sofa and shake left and right to feel its firmness

10. Q: Why are imported sofas so much more expensive than domestic sofas? Answer: mainly from the following aspects: 1. Raw materials 2. Manufacturing process 3. Freight 4. High brand added value




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