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The original complete machine of Aixun technology made a shocking debut - led the comprehensive industrial control with exboot

following the strategic alliance between Aixun technology and Advantech, and taking advantage of the alliance, recently launched a number of original complete machines in China. Speaking of Taiwan aisun's products, its industrial control chassis products are more well-known, especially the ax6145, ax61400, ax6156s and other products in the 4U series. Users widely evaluate its complete product line and ideal design. Behind the excellent design of the chassis is the strength of aisun technology. Take the chassis for example, it has everything from 1U smart to 8U. The product design is special, which can be said to be different, emitting a noble temperament

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Aixun technology has launched the 4U series of original complete machines for the first time in China, including ax6145, ax61400, ax6156s and other models. According to different customer needs, these complete machines can be combined with different memory, CPU and other components. In line with the trend of miniaturization of industrial computers, Aixun technology will also launch ax60501, ax60551 and other small chassis original complete machines in the near future.

1. Whether it is VOC or odor, we will focus on the target Understand the main parts of 2310 kinds of interior decoration: at present, aisun technology has made a heavy combination of blows to the Chinese market, especially after the strategic alliance with Advantech, the market action is sharp. After the establishment of Shenzhen Aixun and Beijing Aixun, they immediately launched original machine products. Both Aixun technology and Advantech hope to differentiate the market with multi brand strategy through the alliance, so as to seize more market share on the whole and create a hegemony in the industrial computer field. In terms of design and manufacturing, the two companies have joined forces to fully form core advantages. In fact, the complete products of Aixun technology are produced in the same factory as Advantech, and the product quality is no different from that of Advantech, with sufficient quality assurance; In terms of price, the products of Aixun technology are obviously more competitive

at present, the industrial control industry has changed from traditional manufacturing orientation to service orientation, which is determined by the product characteristics of IPC. For example, products are generally customized for customers, and the demand is usually small, but the specifications and functions are diverse. Aisun technology has a deep understanding of this and adopts the dealer agency model in the channel. In March this year, Aixun technology announced that it would cooperate with Fuyan (formerly Fusheng) technology, a well-known domestic industrial control agent, to jointly expand the IPC territory. After more than 10 years of development and improvement, Fuyan technology has always advocated the business philosophy of "service first" and "customer first". It has a complete service system and rich channel resources, which is obviously a sharp weapon for aisun technology products to expand the market. In addition to Fuyan technology, the representatives of Aixun technology will also directly handle business, including jizhida and Ruipu Tianrun in Beijing

as a strong R & D strength of the original manufacturer, Aixun technology is endowed with advanced technical features, and its latest backup and recovery system exboot is even more powerful. Exboot has been introduced in the media before, and its excellent ability to quickly restore IPC status has attracted widespread attention in the industry. The birth of Aixun technology finally gives users a chance to see the true face of Lushan Mountain. External boot, Instant Boot recovery, fast backup, high-speed recovery of industrial computer working state, support of various storage devices, even including network storage San, etc., are not these the most urgent needs of customers at present? Exboot is currently raised in the boudoir, but I believe it will be a rooster singing the world white soon

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