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Original consumables, an indelible myth

printer consumables, how can you use the word "consumption"? As one of the daily office consumables, especially with the rapid popularization of printers and the continuous rise of printing volume, people's demand for consumables is increasing day by day. Although the price of printers is getting cheaper and cheaper, the expenditure on consumables has accelerated. Whether the government, enterprises, families or individuals, the purchase of consumables has increasingly become an important issue of concern. The rise of large format inkjet printers has led to the vigorous development of the relevant consumables market. Due to the unlimited use and great potential of the consumables market, all the wisdom of the original and compatible manufacturers has been mobilized to launch a new round of war in the quality, design and price of consumables. The competition between compatible and original consumables not only objectively brings great benefits to Chinese users, but also promotes the development and prosperity of the inkjet consumables market that can effectively protect mechanical mechanisms during large format startup

when we see the benefits brought by competition, we can't help but see the problems existing in the competition: in order to keep the market, some enterprises do not hesitate to take suicidal low price measures, resulting in vicious competition in the market. In order to reduce costs, some users are also looking for compatible consumables with lower prices. However, the current situation is that most of the large format printer products with rich scientific and technological content are produced by manufacturers with strong technical force. However, most manufacturers of compatible consumables are not lightweight, which is a frequently used industrial vocabulary at present. They have strong scientific and technological development ability, uneven performance and service, and some quality is even very low. Therefore, in order to have a high output quality, we must make a careful choice of printing supplies. At present, large format inkjet compatible consumables lack quality assurance in manufacturing and testing. In order to improve product quality and carry out technological innovation, the original manufacturers do not hesitate to invest huge sums of money. Although the price of original consumables is relatively higher than that of compatibility, the market law proves that it is the original manufacturers who invest the higher profits in technology development to ensure the stable and excellent original quality

choice of ink

in the printing process, the ink is heated to a high temperature of 340 ° C and exposed to light and air; Then it is evaporated when it is sprayed from the nozzle; Then it was hit violently on the paper. In this process, the ink drops repeat the process at a frequency of more than 50000 times per second, which is the process we must go through in inkjet printing. In addition, the ink should have complex physical and chemical properties. Its surface tension, adhesion, permeability, pH value, particle size, conductivity and absorption have strict indicators, and it has the characteristics of anti fading, anti fouling, water resistance and color impermeability. We require "ink drop" to reflect realistic effects. However, it should adapt to temperature changes, different printing modes, be compatible with various printers, and adapt to different working environments. But in the printing we are familiar with, no one pays attention to the operation process and characteristics of ink. In the strict application of consumables, the performance of original ink and compatible ink is different

take the printing blackness as an example. Black ink seems simple, but it is not simple. It needs to meet certain standards to achieve real blackness, which is not what ordinary manufacturers can do. After observing the filling ink, it is obvious that the blackness of black ink is seriously insufficient. Using it to print a pure black color block, it is often not pure black, but a faint dark red, which is an obvious defect. The lack of blackness has a serious impact on the gray level description of printed images. Insufficient ink saturation or unstable quality of other colors also have a serious impact on the quality and stability of printing. In particular, the color deviation processing of large-scale businesses will consume considerable human and material resources

secondly, according to the introduction of HP technicians, there are two components of printer ink: one is dye molecules, with a size of 2nm, and the physical state is dissolved in solution; The second is pigment particles, which are 50 ~ 150nm in size and can hold 100000 dyeing molecules, but they are still equivalent to 1/1000 of human hair, and their physical state is dispersed and suspended on the paper. When HP studied the relationship between ink and paper, it found that if it is an ink with pigment particles, the pigment particles are attached to the surface of the paper medium. It is characterized by bright colors. Pigment particle ink is not easy to fade under appropriate conditions, and the color is stable. HP's black ink and large format printing use pigment particle ink. Therefore, from the micro perspective of HP original ink, compatible ink simply can not achieve such a fine effect

finally, HP's original ink can be perfectly integrated with HP's advanced printing technology. In HP's fourth generation rich image technology (embodied in HP Designjet 5500 large format printer), the original ink can produce 12million colors, the printing effect is closer to nature, the color is closer to skin color, and the color is brighter, and the color is smoother and sharper. HP rich image 4th generation color layering technology can accurately control the number of ink drops at each printing point, thus producing smoother and more realistic images. Up to 32 ultra-fine ink drops (PL) can be generated on a single print point. The printer with rich Figure 4 technology only needs less data than other printers to produce higher DPI, so the printing speed is faster

undisturbed paper although Alcoa's aluminum lithium alloy output ranks first in the world: let ink drop live and work in peace and contentment

paper is another main force in the consumables industry, and its quality can not be ignored for the majority of users. The coating quality of compatible paper is difficult to meet the needs of users, and even the minimum smoothness and whiteness can not meet the requirements. In this way, it is impossible to talk about the layering and color fidelity of printed products. In addition, the quality of the ink absorption of the paper is directly related to the operator's data recording and performance analysis, which will affect the printing results

we have just introduced that the dyeing molecules are very small, only 2nm in size, and can penetrate into the inner layer of any printing medium: relatively speaking, the images generated by the dyeing molecules are brighter, brighter and more colorful than those generated by the pigment particles. However, the problem with dye molecular inks is that once they are highly exposed, individual colorants are prone to color degradation due to the influence of natural factors such as air, humidity and light, that is, the color is unstable. This requires HP original paper to improve the environment of dyeing molecules

light, temperature, humidity, touch, air, sulfur dioxide, nitride and other pollution will affect the paper color. HP believes that the fading caused by air is far more serious than that caused by light. However, HP original paper is composed of multi-layer special materials and has advanced coating technology. These non penetrating color covering technologies on paper make the printed image less likely to fade than the photo paper with the usual covering technology. This is because the surface covering layer becomes a special color layer, which contains three different polymers, which can absorb ink drops and integrate with color molecules, thus isolating them from the air environment. HP's paper also includes a compressed polyethylene layer, which can protect the image on the paper from water, and make HP's original paper smooth, bright, and get a more realistic professional effect

in foreign countries, most users are using original consumables, and there are few compatible consumables without inferior quality. With the development of China's economy and China's entry into WTO, the competition among enterprises will develop towards internationalization. Industry management will be stricter, user requirements will be higher, and services will be more standardized. In order to establish an image and show their strength, enterprises will be more inclined to use original consumables, which will become their first choice. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of China's national conditions, the original manufacturers will also develop low-end consumables. On the basis of maintaining good performance, the price has been almost the same as that of compatible paper, and has been widely welcomed by the market. It can be predicted that China's consumables market will develop in the direction of using a large number of original consumables. Original consumables give people a myth that will never fade

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