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Org: scientific and technological innovation makes packaging solutions more perfect

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core tip: in the summer, all kinds of drinks begin to sell well. Consumers may not know that the packaging of JDB, red bull, Lulu and other beverages in their hands may all be made by a packaging enterprise and are brand products produced by org Packaging Co., Ltd

[China Packaging News] in the summer, all kinds of drinks began to sell well. Consumers may not know that the packaging of JDB, red bull, Lulu and other beverages in their hands may all be made by a packaging enterprise and are brand products produced by org Packaging Co., Ltd

org is a large specialized metal packaging enterprise integrating metal can making, bottom cover production, cans manufacturing and new product research and development. For a long time, it mainly provides customers with the production of packaging products for various food, beverage, canned food, beer, dairy products and other products. At the same time, it can also provide integrated packaging solutions such as high-tech packaging design, manufacturing and all-round customer service

In January, 2015, org and Beijing Yiqing Food Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Beijing. The two sides will establish a long-term strategic cooperation relationship for common development, so as to improve the overall operational efficiency of both sides, reduce operating costs, realize the market expansion strategies of both sides, and obtain good social benefits and return on investment. A strategic cooperation agreement was signed with Beijing Yiqing group to provide it with a series of services such as packaging design, packaging production, brand management and beverage filling

Zhouyuan, vice chairman of Org, said that in the fierce market competition, the beverage company hopes to achieve rapid expansion and will inevitably choose professional filling service providers to improve the overall efficiency and reduce the investment in fixed assets. For org, the filling business is a platform that can serve customers of different types of products, help customers improve added value and increase customer stickiness. At present, Origen's existing customers, in addition to metal packaging products, also have glass, plastic and other products packaged with different materials. From the perspective of creating added value for customers, org can design test pieces from packaging to bear greater external force since last year, and then provide customers with overall packaging products and services. In the future, it is not excluded to provide filling services for other types of packaging products

when answering the question about the strategic consideration for the author to realize this strategic cooperation, Zhou Yuan said that we have always paid more attention to national brands. In terms of carbonated drinks, the domestic market has always been occupied by foreign brands such as cola and Pepsi. However, in recent years, such brands as the Arctic Ocean in Beijing and Bingfeng and Shanhaiguan in Xi'an are products that can evoke nostalgia among Chinese people, People began to miss that there was nothing to do when they were young "In the era of further resource integration in China's medical market, org has seen the needs of this market and has begun to cooperate with the time-honored brand Arctic Ocean.

the overall solution provides customers with value-added services.

the integrated packaging solution integrating packaging design, manufacturing and all-round customer service is one of Org's core competitiveness different from other packaging enterprises. Chen Yu, vice president of ORG Fei introduced that the concept of comprehensive packaging solutions has been put forward since 2013

from simple raw materials to sales after processing, to later design, including development, marketing and service as a whole. Among them, Red Bull QR code is a successful case

according to Zhou Yuan, the big strategic adjustment made by org is not accidental, but the strategic choice of the packaging industry under the new normal. Under the new normal, personalized and diversified consumption has gradually become the mainstream, differentiation will be the main competitiveness, new industries will continue to emerge, and new business models will be the development trend in the future. Org, as a traditional manufacturing industry, is no exception. It cannot keep up with the pace of transformation in the mobile Internet era, and will certainly be eliminated

carry out red bull QR Code Project and enter the information service industry. Org signed a QR code service agreement with red bull to provide it with QR code hardware, software and other related equipment and services, and then continue to press (pull) to F2. This technology is applied to product anti-counterfeiting traceability, marketing management, promotion optimization and other innovative applications. This is a project integrating Internet technology, brand creative technology and industrial technology. This project also makes more and more customers have a strong interest in its strategy

by scanning the different QR codes at the bottom of each can, you can join the Red Bull member family, access the information platform, enjoy the considerate service tailored for different consumers, and learn about the Red Bull brand story and various popular science information. At the same time, one can of one code makes services such as scanning code, counting points and lottery by code more targeted, which can integrate the concept of information or big data. In this way, its value far exceeds the information pushed now. Big data mining can accurately push and market, which is part of a comprehensive solution. The transformation from simple product manufacturing to providing added value is an integrated comprehensive solution that combines Internet + thinking and Internet economy

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