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Jinglin's original packaging box type

the investment of tens of millions of euros will significantly improve the production capacity of Evonik vestosint nylon 12 wine packaging. What attracts the attention of the industry is not only its flexible and even negative use of color, but also its unique display style and effect, The outer packaging of the wine bottle and the top of the special-shaped box is integrated into one, resulting in the combination of error and beauty

before the design, Jinglin design conducted a comprehensive investigation and Analysis on the Baijiu products on the market, and found that most of the current Baijiu packaging needs display shelves and cabinets to enhance the display effect. Jinglin boldly combined and treated the wine bottle and wine box, abandoned the consistent style of the original Baijiu packaging, and made an article on the box type and display, giving it an alternative temperament

"through the ingenious handling of the internal debate box, we have better displayed the shiwufu wine bottle, which is reflected and integrated with the external box. It artistically and generously reflects the noble temperament of shiwufu wine, while the traditional Chinese red makes people feel the elegant temperament of the rich Tang emperor." Jia Jingan, creative director of the design center, said in an interview

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