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Zhufushou: organizational adjustment is "following the trend"

on July 4, Dongfeng company held a cadre meeting in Wuhan to announce the adjustment of Dongfeng company's organizational structure and leadership division of labor. This is the largest adjustment of Dongfeng company's organizational structure since 2003. Therefore, although more than three months have passed and various adjustments have been gradually put in place, the attention and discussion inside and outside the company are still hot

recently, Zhufushou, general manager of the company, accepted an exclusive interview with this newspaper. Zhufushou pointed out that this organizational restructuring is "following the trend", showing the distinctive characteristics of "five enhancements and five highlights". Around the positioning of the company's headquarters in the "three centers" during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the company's leaders' division of labor adjustment shows the remarkable characteristics of weakening the plate awareness and emphasizing the business module

starting point of adjustment

at the cadre meeting held by the company on July 4, Xu Ping, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of the company, pointed out that the organizational structure adjustment and leadership division adjustment are important measures to provide strong organizational support for the realization of the company's "12th Five Year Plan" goals starting from the development status, new situations and new challenges faced by Dongfeng company

then, how should we understand the current situation of Dongfeng development inside and outside the company? What are the situations and challenges we are facing with the greater resilience after the pressure is removed? From what aspects does this organizational restructuring provide organizational guarantee for the realization of the company's "12th Five Year Plan" goals

Zhufushou said that before the joint venture in 2003, the basic orientation of the group headquarters was to focus on production and operation, and it was the decision-making body of production and operation. However, since the establishment of Dongfeng Co., Ltd. as a joint venture between Dongfeng company and Nissan in 2003, the positioning of the headquarters has been significantly adjusted, becoming a basic positioning characterized by holding investment. "This basic positioning is the inevitable result of the joint venture, which makes the subsidiary more efficient, but also brings a series of problems, such as some difficulties in the group's control, the implementation of the group's strategy and the grasp of the group's key directions."

taking synergy as an example, the company put forward the strategy of coordinated development as early as 2000, but the actual progress is slow. The reasons are as follows: firstly, the leaders of the company are divided into sectors, and there are obstacles in the system; Secondly, the headquarters does not have a special functional department to plan and promote this work; Once again, the performance assessment of each sector overemphasizes its own performance. Therefore, the company has not been able to cooperate comprehensively and deeply at all levels

another example is overseas business. In terms of overseas business, the company has been practicing for many years, but it is still in the state of breaking through, and the group strategy has not officially set sail. The reasons for this phenomenon are the same as above. Firstly, there is no company leader to undertake the overseas business. Secondly, there is no functional department in the headquarters to undertake the management and promotion of overseas business. Although the development and exploration of overseas markets by branches and subsidiaries have accumulated experience and laid a foundation for Dongfeng to attack overseas markets, in the "12th Five Year Plan" period, if Dongfeng wants to make a breakthrough in overseas business, it needs to "assemble to go to sea"

since the Eighth Party Congress of the company, especially in the learning and rectification stage of learning and practicing the scientific concept of development, a batch of opinions and suggestions from the grass-roots level on the functional positioning of the company have been put forward one by one. When the central inspection team visited Dongfeng in 2010, they investigated the company's key sectors and a number of senior executives. They also expressed more concentrated opinions on the positioning of the functional departments of the headquarters

"the scale of Dongfeng company has grown rapidly in recent years. It is obvious that the company should have different organizations to guarantee different stages and scales, which is the need of rapid growth of an enterprise." Zhufushou pointed out that in the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the organization of the company must be able to support the group's work in strategic control, centralized coordination, unified image of Dongfeng company, and coordination of new and old businesses. The simplest and most useful way to avoid rust of the hydraulic forming machine is to paint the press machinery with anti-oxidation paint

when talking about the starting point of this organizational structure and leadership division adjustment, Zhufushou emphasized a very important factor, namely, independent brand construction. China's transformation from a big automobile country to a powerful automobile country is the overall development strategic goal of the 12th Five Year Plan. One of the goals of the 12th Five Year Plan of China's automobile industry is to increase the domestic share of independent brands. In 2015, the proportion of China's self owned brand automobile market will be further expanded. The domestic market share of self owned brand passenger cars will exceed 50%, of which the domestic share of self owned brand cars will exceed 40%. Looking at itself, Dongfeng's own brands currently account for only about 40%. The best month of this year is 41.5%, and the average month is 39.5%. In order to achieve the goal of 50% or even more, ensure the sales target of more than 5million vehicles, and ensure the third or even second position in the industry, it really needs a series of organizations to ensure

"so this time, we really took advantage of the current situation and made this important adjustment according to the actual situation of Dongfeng at this stage, our future strategic positioning, our next planning and overall consideration." Zhufushou said

the new organization embodies "five enhancements and five highlights"

Zhu Fushou made a concise and profound summary of the characteristics of this organizational restructuring with "five enhancements" and "five highlights"

first, it strengthened the layout of Dongfeng Group's strategic planning and highlighted the planning of Dongfeng's independent business

in this adjustment, the planning and investment department was renamed "strategic planning department", the operation management department adjusted its functions and renamed "operation management department", and newly established "organization information department", "international business department", "capital operation Department" (asset management company) and "Social Affairs Management Center", especially the independent strategy committee of Dongfeng, the independent commercial vehicle strategy platform of Dongfeng Dongfeng's passenger car strategic platform and Dongfeng's parts strategic platform have strengthened the company's strategic focus in the next five and ten years from the perspective of independent strategy, overseas strategy and other dimensions

at the same time, Dongfeng's independent business has been reflected in functional departments. For example, the company has set up commercial vehicle business development division, independent brand passenger vehicle business development division and parts business development division in the strategic planning department. In fact, the adjustment and setting of these departments and divisions are to highlight the planning of Dongfeng's independent business

second, it strengthened the improvement of Dongfeng's independent passenger vehicle business system and highlighted the transformation of structural adjustment of parts business

Zhufushou specially pointed out: "one of the highlights of this adjustment is the decision-making system of Dongfeng's own brand. On this business platform, all the problems raised in the past have been solved this time." This adjustment has made a unified plan for the business of large independent brand passenger cars in terms of system, and a leader is fully responsible for the business of Dongfeng's independent brand passenger cars. So as to change the situation that the same business was managed by multiple people and departments in the past, so as to accelerate the improvement of the short board impression left by Dongfeng's own brand passenger cars

at the same time, the adjustment also highlighted the structural adjustment and transformation of the parts business. Zhufushou believes that it is very necessary for Dongfeng to pay great attention to the development of the whole vehicle during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" and "Eleventh Five Year Plan". However, during the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, which emphasizes the transformation of the development mode, it is necessary to promote the accelerated transformation of the cause of appreciating lanterns and guessing riddles with children as a strategy, and promote it together with the development of the whole vehicle

third, it strengthened the management and control of the group's operations and highlighted the promotion of independent innovation

in this adjustment, the company strengthened the management and control of the group's operations through the improvement of many system and mechanism details. For example, the operation management division under the operation management department has made a comprehensive revision to the annual assessment of the sector to judge and consider the work and performance of each sector more scientifically; Hold monthly operation analysis meeting to emphasize operation control; A joint venture mechanism division shall be established to carry out the work before, during and after the board of directors of the joint venture company. By strengthening the above systems, emphasis is placed on operation, control and assessment

in terms of highlighting independent innovation, this adjustment has specially set up a full-time post in the science and technology development department to promote independent innovation. Zhufushou explained this in detail: "in the past, the science and technology work conference held by the Ministry of science and technology every year was basically a passive summary, but in terms of scientific and technological innovation and independent innovation, we need more active promotion. So I think this arrangement is to change the past passive summary type into the present active promotion type."

for the assessment of R & D investment, new measures will be taken after adjustment: the part of R & D expenses of each business segment exceeding the same period of the previous year will be treated as profit. "The implementation of this policy is to encourage our business sectors not to reduce R & D in order to achieve the KPI indicators. The group can make corrections if R & D is increased again. The practice of reducing R & D expenses in order to achieve the annual indicators in the past is avoided. This is not in line with the overall development arrangement of the company in the next step." Zhufushou emphasized

in order to further highlight independent innovation and scientific and technological research and development, Zhufushou disclosed that in October this year, the company will hold a group wide independent innovation conference. At that time, in addition to summarizing the past experience and practices and laying out the key independent innovation strategic topics during the "12th Five Year Plan", a series of policies will be issued, such as the establishment of independent innovation funds, to further use a series of policies to guide all business sectors to increase independent innovation, Set off a new upsurge of independent innovation in the whole group

fourth, it strengthened the coordinated development of the group and highlighted the promotion of harmonious Dongfeng construction

on May 6 this year, a seemingly ordinary board meeting attracted great attention from Dongfeng. Xuping, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of the company, Zhufushou, general manager of the company and other senior leaders jointly attended the "2011 Dongfeng supplier strategic development seminar of DPCA". As a model of "feeding back" and cooperating with the company's Shiyan old base, DPCA has been re recognized by the whole group. One month later, on June 8, the seminar on strategic cooperation between Dongfeng Nissan and Shiyan base was held in Huadu, Guangzhou, and Xu Ping and Zhufushou also attended it. It is not difficult to see the importance of coordinated development in the work of the group

Zhufushou said that in October this year, the company will also hold a collaborative development conference to commend good collaborative projects during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" and "Eleventh Five Year Plan", and release new collaborative projects throughout the group during the "Twelfth Five Year Plan"

"coordinated development is a part of harmonious Dongfeng construction." Zhufushou pointed out that development is the economic foundation and support of harmony. To build a harmonious Dongfeng, we must first develop all business sectors of the company. Only on the premise of good development can we do a better job in building a harmonious Dongfeng

in this organizational restructuring, as an important part of the construction of harmonious Dongfeng, the company established the group's social undertakings Management Center, whose management functions involve all livelihood issues closely related to employees, including housing, medical care

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