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Changzhou semiconductor lighting technology innovation alliance organized alliance units to visit Shenzhen to study

in order to help alliance units learn advanced technologies in the LED industry, learn the successful experience of other domestic enterprises, and promote the rapid development of alliance enterprises, the lubrication system from November 26 to 2 was mainly composed of lubricating oil pump, special relay and pipeline. On November 9, Changzhou semiconductor lighting industry technology innovation alliance organized some alliance units, Led by yangmosheng, the executive director of the alliance, the team went to Shenzhen to investigate and study the new LED light source, IOT intelligent control system, advanced automatic production equipment and other industry-related enterprises. The delegation has successively studied at @ supporting equipment: Shenzhen cuitao automation equipment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen kuzhai Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Yunzhi Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen hanchengtong Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Yitong automation equipment Co., Ltd. During the investigation, the delegation members listened carefully to the experience of these successful enterprises in development positioning, product research and development, talent training, market development and other aspects. The entrepreneurs of the two places jointly analyzed the current situation of the LED industry, Discussed L "Before the grenfeld tragedy, we had decided to change the name of the association and the development direction of the ED industry, and had in-depth exchanges and reached a consensus on the relevant concepts, specific practices and cooperation direction of the zero switch.

this investigation and study not only enabled the entrepreneurs participating in the investigation to see the advanced technology and effective development model of Shenzhen led enterprises, but also made it clear that the LED industry has changed from energy saving to intelligent Networking development is an inevitable trend. It has found the shortcomings of enterprises, found the direction of efforts, understood the experience of how to better develop, and strengthened its confidence in strengthening its own enterprises and expanding Changzhou's LED industry

Jiangsu Pinzheng Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., Changzhou Vocational and Technical College of light industry, Changzhou qiri Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., Changzhou science and technology popularization service center and other alliance units participated in the investigation

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