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2009robocup Robot World Cup China warm-up match

the first robot event representing the highest level of domestic robots in 2009 - the 2009robocup Robot World Cup China warm-up match will be grandly held in Hefei University of science and technology of China on May. The competition was hosted by the robot competition Working Committee of the Chinese society of automation, the bocup China Committee of RO by reducing the coal production capacity of 1 billion tons, and the University of science and technology of China, and co organized by Shenzhen Aerospace Yishang exhibition planning Co., Ltd., the Organizing Committee of the 2008 China robot competition and RoboCup open

robocup Robot World Cup is the largest robot science and technology competition and academic conference with the highest level and the most extensive influence in the world. It is a global science and technology competition that promotes cutting-edge research and practical application in the fields of information and automation through academic competitions. The competition involves cutting-edge technologies such as information electronics, artificial intelligence, automatic control, precision machinery, advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, optoelectronic integration and bionic materials. Its research level can reflect the comprehensive strength of a country's information and automation technology. Since it was held in Japan in 1997, it has quickly become popular all over the world. It has been held three times in Japan, two times in the United States, and one time in Germany, France, Sweden, Australia, Italy, Portugal, and China. 2009 is the 13th. The competition has attracted great attention from all countries in the world, especially developed countries. Many world-class universities and research institutions, such as Carnegie Mellon University in the United States, the University of Tokyo in Japan, NASA, the National Institute of robotics in France and Sony Corporation in Japan, have invested great efforts

the 12th RoboCup robot World Cup 2008 was successfully held for the first time in Suzhou, China; The RoboCup robot world cup and the exhibition area of the last three sessions are more than 30000 square meters. More than 50 developed countries, more than 500 world-class universities and scientific research institutions, more than 300 famous enterprises, manufacturers and regular businessmen of kimono color are attending the exhibition. More than 500 robot teams from nearly 80 countries participated in this activity

the 2009 RoboCup robot world cup will be held in Austria in July. The China warm-up game is a preliminary event of the "2009 RoboCup robot world cup and academic conference". It is a warm-up game before the world cup by the domestic top robot team representing China to participate in the international RoboCup robot world cup, The level of the competition is the highest in China, and it has been successfully held in Hefei, China for 12 times. The competition and performance items include robot football simulation 2D, quadruped robots, more robots with human helplessness and embarrassment, and home group robots. In order to enrich the competition items and improve the competitive level, strong robot teams from Iran, Romania, Brazil, South Africa, the United States, Japan and other countries were specially invited to perform at the same time

the goal of RoboCup robot world cup is to establish a fully autonomous humanoid robot football team by 2050 and defeat the human football World Cup champion team at that time! We are looking forward to the early arrival of this day

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