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In the morning of May 16, Lovol service engineers took over the banner of "Lovol Sanxia whole process intelligent service team", took the new Lovol service car and Lovol Arbos accessories mobile car, and set foot on the journey to Henan, Henan and Henan because the chemical crosslinking process is irreversible The three summer service road in Anhui and other places. This marks the full launch of the three summer service of Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment in 2017. With 18 years of brand heritage of "wholeheartedly for you" (after pressing the button, Lovol services set sail again.

chairman Wang Guimin of Lovol heavy industries awarded the flag to Lovol Sanxia whole process intelligent service team.

the troops and horses did not move, and the food and grass went first. Long before the launch ceremony, Lovol apos agricultural equipment has completed all the deployment of this year's Sanxia whole process intelligent services. From traditional spare parts, service vehicles, service personnel reserves, to the construction and maintenance of information-based and intelligent service applications, in order to meet the needs Lovol service, with customer demand as the core, has always been at the forefront of the whole industry

vice president of Lovol heavy industries Li Jinliang, the front-line commander of agricultural equipment Sanxia service of Lovol Arbos, said: "In 2017, Lovol service chose how to operate the tension machine, fixture and spring testing machine through six service innovations, such as the construction of 'Lovol post station' and the launch of time limited services. It should also focus on five key tasks, including resource guarantee, parts supply, information closed-loop, technology and policy support, according to the non standardized configuration or related expansion configuration measures, so as to systematically give full play to the advantages of Lovol service in informatization and intelligence and comprehensively improve customers Satisfaction, create a new Lovol intelligent service experience. "

Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment pure accessories supply vehicles set out with the service team

it can be clearly seen from the service resource distribution map of Lovol customer service center that in 2017, Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment divided the national service into one horizontal, two vertical and multiple areas according to the operation sequence produced in the summer of China. Among them, one runs through Sichuan, Hubei, Anhui, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Zhejiang; The two columns are Henan, Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Shandong and Northern Anhui; Many areas cover Qinghai, Shanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Xinjiang and other key areas. One horizontal, two vertical and multiple areas on the map are integrated and effectively coordinated under the link of Lovol Arbos intelligent cloud service platform, which has become a "battle map" reflecting the production conference of Sanxia in the information age

informatization and intelligence have become the core of Lovol's leading service industry at this stage. Lovol apos smart cloud service platform, which was officially launched in April this year, is an open service platform built by Lovol heavy industries through Internet of things, big data and other technologies. It provides comprehensive services for agricultural production and operation organizations, industry management departments and agricultural machinery users

Lovol apos agricultural equipment service vehicle and parts supply vehicle set out at the same time

the author understands that Lovol heavy industry has begun to explore the application of industrial interconnection since 2014, and released Lovol ifarming smart agriculture strategy in 2016. Taking agriculture + interconnection as the entry point, it integrates information, IOT and precision agriculture technology, and integrates equipment with land through automation, data and networking information technology and system integration The intelligent interconnection between crops and environment is committed to providing intelligent technology solutions for modern agriculture

the current Lovol apos smart link cloud service platform mainly includes three modules: intelligent IOT platform, agricultural machinery operation smart link management platform and Lovol agricultural machinery housekeeper app intelligent terminal. It is not only an agricultural machinery management platform provided for industries and customers through IOT, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, but also provides users with full product life cycle services. Users can realize real-time operation monitoring Comprehensive and intelligent management, such as remote vehicle positioning, operation per mu statistics, vehicle fault warning, maintenance tips, etc

Lovol Valley God Gansu cross region operation team went to the front line of wheat harvest

at the same time, aiming at the supply of accessories that users most concerned about during the cross region operation in Sanxia, Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment established a three-level accessories equivalent reserve system of accessories Department + factory + supplier in 2017 to provide backup support for the demand for batch accessories. Specifically, relying on the three-level inventory system of Lovol parts sub center warehouse, agent warehouse/temporary warehouse and terminal network warehouse, the Sanxia frontline realizes the demand analysis, logistics transportation and accurate and rapid delivery of spare parts under the unified information allocation of Lovol customer service center. At the same time, dozens of large Lovol accessories mobile vehicles equipped with intelligent terminals will also rush to the front line of Sanxia, becoming an important resource of "peripheral accessories" in the "agricultural machinery housekeeper" system in the hands of users

"Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment not only provides the best after-sales service support for the machine portable in the whole industry, but also makes use of Lovol's information technology advantages to provide the machine operators with a full range of wealth creation solutions!" Wang Yurong, executive deputy general manager of Lovol heavy industries and general manager of Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment, told the author after giving the user the user manual of the "agricultural machinery housekeeper" app

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