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2018 plastic machinery industry: deepen the development of intelligent technology

plastics, as a giant in the light industry, contributes a great deal to the development of the world economy every year. As an important plastic production and consumption country, China plays a huge role in the plastic industry. With the development of China's social economy, market scale and science and technology, the Chinese government has timely adjusted and changed its economic strategy, formulated development plans according to China's national conditions, and further developed the socialist market economy with Chinese characteristics

made in China 2025, the 13th five year plan and the three-year action plan to enhance the core competitiveness of manufacturing (year) issued by the national development and Reform Commission on December 26, 2017 all show China's determination to accelerate the construction of a manufacturing power and develop advanced manufacturing industry

2018 plastic machinery industry: the basis of deepening the development of intelligent technology

manufacturing industry lies in equipment. Plastic machinery is a prerequisite for the transformation and upgrading of the plastic industry. Core technology and equipment, complete production lines, breakthroughs in Bayer Material Technology: key components and manufacturing processes will significantly improve the production, manufacturing and innovation capabilities of the plastic industry, and effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of automotive, packaging, materials and other related industries, Provide strong support for the development of socialist market economy with Chinese characteristics

intelligence and automation focus on application

since the international financial crisis swept the world, the disadvantages of China's traditional manufacturing industry have been exposed. In this regard, the state issued a strategic plan for intelligent manufacturing industry to optimize, restructure and reform the production and organization mode of China's manufacturing industry and enhance its core competitiveness

with the development of many years, the intellectualization and automation of manufacturing factories in China have achieved remarkable results. In the context of intelligent and automatic normalization of manufacturing industry, the degree of intellectualization and automation of plastic machinery and plastic processing workshops in China has deepened, and there has been a significant improvement in product innovation, supply and demand improvement, production quality and efficiency. However, the real pursuit of intelligent and automated economy in China is not to establish any aspect of production and research, but the effective combination of the two to realize the effective application of intelligent and automated equipment in China. At present, the proportion of domestic machines in intelligent workshops in China is very small, and most of them are occupied by industrial powers such as Germany, Japan, the United States and Switzerland

on the road of realizing intellectualization and automation, China's plastic machinery and equipment should be oriented to the people's livelihood. According to the actual needs of China's national economy, the development of pillars such as ISO, astm6079 and other relevant specifications are basically the key equipment of the industry customized according to the instrument, with emphasis on in-depth breakthroughs to achieve the effective combination of numerical control system, robot and controller, detection and analysis and PLC, so as to form a realizable Key equipment and complete sets of equipment that can be used on a large scale and for a long time

deep integration of manufacturing technology and information technology

the development of intelligent plastic machine equipment must be inseparable from information technology. The key to the effective operation of intelligent and automatic equipment lies in the collection, optimal processing and accurate utilization of information data. It can be said that information technology is a necessary means to realize intelligent and automatic equipment

enterprises should carry out the development and application of digital systems/software, connect reality and virtualization, and "embed" physical data into production activities through system software, so as to unify, standardize, scale, monitor, automate and intelligentize production and manufacturing, realize real-time collection, storage, optimization, analysis and processing of production data, liberate labor, and optimize product design, production, management and services

consolidate the industrial foundation and overcome key parts

a complete equipment is assembled from many parts. China's industrial foundation is weak and it is difficult to build a "skyscraper" by itself. It is urgent to develop a number of key parts. High performance plastic machinery needs excellent parts to ensure its quality. The drive, high-precision speed and induction of the machine are all restrained by these parts

if the enterprise can overcome the manufacturing process of key parts and realize mass production, it will effectively improve the mechanical accuracy, sensitivity, stability and reliability of the machined surface of high-performance plastics 10. Instrument parts, and can also reduce the mechanical production cost and bring considerable profits

in this regard, enterprises should increase financial support, strengthen the construction of the standard system, establish a product certification system, promote international exchanges and cooperation in real time, build a dynamic supervision mechanism, establish cooperative relations with enterprises, organizations and groups such as equipment, software, Internet and scientific research institutes, develop together, and carry out strategic planning for intellectualization and automation

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