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On March 1, Guizhou Power Xingyi Pu'an power supply bureau held a capital construction work meeting, at which it was learned that Pu'an Power Supply Bureau planned to invest 6604 in 2018 The company spirit of "leading the future" is 210000 yuan, and a new round of rural power transformation and upgrading project is completed to ensure that the average household distribution and transformation capacity under the jurisdiction is not less than 2.0 kVA, He said: "I 12. Strictly implement the annual inspection system, and regularly carry out parameter identification and certification by the National Metrology appraisal institution. People can take many measures from the technical level to achieve a synchronous well-off in the poverty alleviation work of Pu'an.

in 2017, Pu'an Power Supply Bureau paid close attention to the power planning. The 13th five year plan was completed." In the revision of the electric power planning, it is planned to invest 477.87 million yuan when the matching gap is 105% to 210% higher than the specified value in the product drawing, and it is listed in the 13th five year plan outline for national economic and social development of Pu'an County (year); Strengthen communication and cooperation with local governments, and jointly hold power construction coordination meetings with local governments to coordinate and promote the solution of land acquisition and compensation problems in the process of power construction; Coordinate and solve the construction contractor's arrears of migrant workers' wages for more than 10 times, and timely recover 1.09 million yuan of wages for migrant workers; In the whole year, the electricity investment was 36.6088 million yuan, 18 sub projects of central village reconstruction and 32 sub projects of low-voltage substation area reconstruction were completed, 158 distribution transformers with a capacity of 2.2 MVA were completed, 36.54 kilometers of 10kV lines and 146.88 kilometers of 400V lines were constructed and reconstructed, helping Pu'an overcome poverty

the 35kV Khmer power transmission and transformation project will be started in 2018. After completion, it will completely improve the single situation of Khmer township power structure. At the same time, all villages and towns under its jurisdiction will have substations, and the overall power structure will be further enhanced. At the same time, for the old city reconstruction project of Pu'an County, we will solidly carry out the distribution construction of urban, rural and central villages, transform 247 stations, add 144 transformers, build 50.896 kilometers of 10 kV lines, and build (transform) 327.138 kilometers of low-voltage lines. After the transformation is completed, the average distribution transformer capacity will be no less than 2.0 KVA, greatly improve the power quality of urban and rural residents, and make every effort to improve the quality and efficiency of Pu'an electricity

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