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In 2018, 30000 wireless remote intelligent gas meters will be replaced in Xiamen, Fujian Province.

with the arrival of the era of "Internet +", IOT has been applied in many industries and fields in China, where accessories and other tools have been sorted out. At present, intelligent meter reading projects such as water meters, electricity meters and gas meters relying on IOT communication technology have begun to be promoted throughout the country

in order to promote the intelligent management of the gas industry, local gas companies keep pace with the times, strive to be first-class, fully commit to the construction of smart gas, constantly increase the investment in scientific research and technology with an accuracy of 0.001g, and promote the reform of the gas industry with a data-based and intelligent information system

at present, the pe/pp alloy gas meter used by most gas users is still the first generation gas meter or the second generation gas card meter, which can not meet the requirements of smart city construction, and the failure rate is high, which brings many inconveniences to users. The third generation wireless remote intelligent gas meter solves these problems well, and has accurate measurement and better stability. It provides a series of innovative modified plastic products for customers and the market, which can provide guarantee for the safe and convenient use of gas by gas users, and meet the requirements of intelligent construction at the same time

in order to realize the intelligent management of the gas industry, effectively solve the problems of "difficulty in household collection" and "difficulty in clearing arrears" that have plagued gas companies for a long time, and provide users with more convenient services. Recently, it was learned from China Resources Gas Co., Ltd. that Xiamen, Fujian Province plans to replace 30000 wireless remote smart gas meters in a number of old residential areas this year

it is understood that the wireless remote intelligent gas meter contains a chip set. When the meter reader comes to the residents' downstairs, he sends instructions through the handheld machine, and the wireless remote intelligent gas meter installed in each residents' home in the building will transmit data to the handheld machine

next, the meter reader will go to the company and import the data to the computer system to complete the meter reading without disturbing the residents. When a resident owes a fee, the background of China Resources Gas Co., Ltd. will send a text message to the user, and the user can complete the payment through Alipay. If the user has opened the bank payment function, the process of payment is exempted

in addition, the wireless remote intelligent gas meter can also realize single point control. The staff of the gas company can remotely control and cut off the valve of the gas meter, which can be used in some special situations. For example, if residents travel or work outside, the gas pipeline at home leaks, and they can't rush home in time to deal with it

with the promotion of smart city construction and the gradual implementation of the 13th five year plan for natural gas, natural gas has become an important part of the lives of urban residents. The whole natural gas industry has entered a period of high boom development. At the same time, the implementation of stepped gas prices has put forward new requirements for natural gas measurement methods, directly giving rise to the demand for smart gas meters. In 2016, the market demand for smart gas meters reached 13.3 billion yuan

at the same time, the national standard stipulates that the service life of gas meters should not exceed 10 years, and they should be replaced forcibly at the expiration. Even if the market is saturated, at least several billion market sizes will be released every year, and gas meter enterprises will benefit a lot

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