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Label entry dry goods, industry white must be familiar with the heart

tag is a tool used to mark the classification or content of goals, which is convenient for yourself and others to find and locate your goals. Labels can be seen everywhere in our life. They are special printed products used to indicate the name, identification, material, manufacturer, production date and the information covered by the goods (products). The quality of label printing will have a great impact on the value, sales and use of goods, and actively and creatively carry out the work of the special committee

labels are divided into self-adhesive labels, in mold labels, wet adhesive labels, heat shrinkable film labels, jacket labels, electronic labels, smart labels, special labels, etc

since various labels have different emphasis on the embodiment of printing methods, self-adhesive labels and in mold labels are the most common and widely used in the market

(II) the position of label printing in China's printing industry

label printing is the "spring snow" in the printing industry, and the essence of printing is reflected in label printing. Many new technologies, new equipment and new materials are applied in the label industry, which is an indispensable supporting product for packaging and other products, so label printing plays a very important role in the printing industry. In 2013, the total output value of China's printing industry exceeded 1 trillion yuan for the first time, reaching 1039.85 billion yuan. There were 105000 printing enterprises and 3.415 million employees across the country

in 2013, the total output value of label printing industry exceeded 30billion yuan, and the output of self-adhesive exceeded 4billion square meters. There were 6046 label printing enterprises in the country, with nearly 60000 employees (estimated according to the output value of 500000 per capita)

(III) self adhesive label classification and market application

1 Classification of self-adhesive labels

there are many classification methods of self-adhesive label materials, which can be classified according to the characteristics of adhesives, the coating technology of adhesives, the chemical characteristics of adhesives, the characteristics of surface materials As Kristiansen said in the statement: "Our mission is to inspire and cultivate architects of tomorrow, such as the classification of base paper characteristics.

in the label industry, it is generally classified into surface material characteristics and packaging forms:

① classification according to surface material characteristics: paper self-adhesive labels, film self-adhesive labels and special self-adhesive labels.

② classification according to packaging forms: rolls and sheets.

2. Application scope of self-adhesive terminal market

personal and home care products can be produced 4 years 10000 tons of POM and 150000 tons of caproic acid, cosmetics

food, fruits, beverages, alcohol

medicine, medical devices

electronics, electrical appliances, batteries

anti counterfeiting, electronic supervision code

supermarket, logistics, express delivery, office supplies

clothing, shoes and hats, tags, luggage list

tires, oil and chemical industry

retail 5 After being ready, the experiment starts. Smart label products

(IV) classification and application scope of in mold labels

1 In mold labels are divided into two categories

(1) in mold labels for blow molding

(2) in mold labels for injection molding

2 Application scope of in mold labels in the terminal market

(1) main applications of blow molding in mold labels

① household chemicals and daily chemicals: such as detergent, detergent, bleach, bath liquid, cosmetics and other labels

② food and beverage: such as edible oil, seasoning, beverage, fruit juice and other labels

③ lubricating oil: such as labels of lubricating oil, gear oil, antifreeze, etc

④ medicine: such as the label of high-end drugs

(2) main applications of labels in injection mold

① food packaging boxes: labels such as ice cream and salad dressing

② labels of plastic containers, children's toys, stationery, etc

③ labels of some electrical panels

with the popularization of in mold label technology and the reduction of cost, its application range is becoming wider and wider

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