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The label printing industry is popular, driving the development of digital labels. Industry analysts pointed out that with the improvement of consumers' requirements for product quality, these labels carrying commodity information have also attracted more and more attention from product manufacturers. They are not only more artistic in design form, more diversified in size cutting, but also constantly breaking through the requirements of label functions. Therefore, digital labels came into being

in recent years, digital printing technology has developed rapidly, especially in the time of royal guards. Whether it is an international brand or a local brand, its product concept, container, packaging design, label and label face changing speed and frequency are unimaginable in the past. Among them, digital labels shine, market share continues to expand, and are sought after by manufacturers

thanks to the revolutionary new changes brought by digital imaging technology to the packaging and printing industry, it also provides a new and broader development space for packaging label printing manufacturers. Compared with the traditional printing process, the digital printing process has the advantages of short printing cycle and less waste. Perovskite solar cells have been controversial in the scientific community. At the same time, it is characterized by on-demand printing and variable data printing. 7. It is not allowed to disassemble and reverse the metallographic microscope casually. The digital printing can also realize personalized printing according to the needs of customers. The market demand for digital printing will grow at a rate of about 10%, and its market demand will exceed 60% of the total printing demand. Digital label printing can not only easily realize color graphic printing and variable data printing for passenger car manufacturers with six brands, but also meet the ever-changing needs of the market. It is precisely because of its obvious advantages that it has brought great profit returns to businesses and further promoted the new development of digital labels

digital labels are gradually changing the traditional label industry, changing the passive and subsidiary position of traditional printing, realizing the consideration of long and short editions, personalized printing and variable data printing, printing as much as customers need, fully meeting the needs of users for product segmentation, and expanding the business scope of enterprises. In the future, it will be more sustained, fast and slow to increase the pressure: rapid development

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