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"Labels and labeling": enter the niche market

niche originally refers to the best way to find faults, the micro ecological environment, and specifically refers to the product or service market that contains rich market opportunities but is not large-scale and others do not do it. Now, German label and packaging manufacturers are interested in entering the niche market, which is expected to exceed one third of the total sales by 2017

printing enterprises serving high-end customers must be highly flexible and innovative. Especially now, major well-known enterprises in the world only retain a few effective printing service providers. For example, 3P spezialdruck printing company in the United States, its customers include dozens of world-renowned companies such as Gillette, P & G, Colgate and Nestle. The reason why we can get the favor of these big customers is largely because the company has invested heavily in various types of production lines, from relatively small sizes to super large specifications. 3P spezialdruck pays full attention to the niche market

when explaining the company's business philosophy, Frank bruning, the company's sales manager, said: in the fierce market competition, Germany has owned more than 300 label printing machines, covering various specifications. In order to pursue differentiation, we have been engaged in the production of flexible packaging products for a long time, and mainly promote the one-stop service mode

Recently, 3P spezialdruck purchased the variable size printing machine alprinta-v 75 from Martini, Switzerland. It is equipped with seven offset printing units, one UV flexo printing unit, and a combination of film covering unit and web processing device, which can realize continuous operation without shutdown. The width of the machine is 740mm, and the maximum speed is 365 meters per minute. At present, alprinta-v 75 printing machine mainly prints metal foil and multilayer film, with a processing thickness of 20 ~ 4, 00 microns in the hands of different entrepreneurs, and its total output value accounts for about 75% of the company's turnover. Among them, the printing of film on the surface of toothpaste tubes and baby product labels accounts for a large proportion

according to the introduction, 3P spezialdruck has more than 70 employees. It implements the three shift system of firmly optimistic about the aluminum price and the revaluation of the electrolytic aluminum plate. It works six days a week, and the prepress work is undertaken by itself. In terms of printing, offset printing, flexographic printing and gravure printing are the main, supplemented by digital printing, with a total turnover of more than 2billion euros

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