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Label printing technology has soared into bull stocks

recent market fluctuations have significantly increased, but the technical form has gradually improved. The moving average system has formed a bond, which has built a relatively beautiful support for the index, and the level of energy has obviously also risen to a higher level. The more signs of a good market, the more the measured force value is not obvious. The investment strategy of focusing on individual stocks and ignoring the index is most vividly reflected at the current stage, but it is also an indisputable fact that it is difficult to operate at the same time. It is not advisable to blindly catch up with high hot spots, and there are also risks for low-end breaking varieties. Combined with the characteristics of the market, it should be advisable to pay attention to some sectors with strong early performance, long continuous consolidation cycle and stable shape

highlights of individual stocks

technological process advantages: the company undertakes the development of fhb-msr digital anti-counterfeiting printing technology for award-winning quota invoices in the national technological innovation project, and has achieved success. It adopts advanced technology in the international printing market, introduces several international advanced computer bill production lines such as miyao and sun in Japan, the United States and other countries, and is equipped with ink-jet systems such as sayangel and genesis, which integrates jump printing, jump number, front and back synchronous printing Anti counterfeiting printing and punching, double folding, rewinding and other functions are integrated. It can automatically spray all kinds of numbers, words or bar codes and patterns, with high speed, accuracy and low consumption. The accuracy rate of products reaches 0.1mm. It is supported by the introduction of slitting machine, page matching machine, paper cutter, program-controlled sealing and cutting machine, binding machine and computer plate making system. It has formed the annual production capacity of 15000 tons of various bills, tickets, passbooks and other products, with complete varieties and specifications, The equipment technology level is in the leading position in the national bill printing industry

marketing advantages: the company takes the middle and high-end customers as the target market, through the establishment of databases, the use of network platforms, business intelligence analysis and other technical means, comprehensively studies the collection of a large number of complex customer information, transforms the information of a large number of scattered customers whose fire supply surface should be 242 flat metal plate customers with a diameter of 1.32mm into valuable customer resources, and classifies, sorts and tracks customers with the same product nature, Formulate corresponding marketing strategies, track the demand trend of commercial paper products in relevant industries at home and abroad, deeply study the needs of target industries, large-scale projects and key customers, promote to be ahead of domestic peers in product innovation, technological innovation and service innovation, and ensure the success rate of bidding for large-scale projects

participation in Finance: in May 2011, invested 12.56 million yuan to ensure that the polished damaged layer was removed repeatedly at a large polishing rate, and subscribed for 7.85 million new shares of Chengdu rural commercial bank at an issue price of 1.6 yuan/share. After the subscription, the company held 57.85 million shares of Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank, accounting for 0.58% of its total share capital. After the completion of this directional offering, the registered capital of Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank will increase to 10billion yuan. Chengdu rural commercial bank is the banking financial institution with the largest number of business outlets in Chengdu

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